Thule Backpacks
Living an active lifestyle means being prepared at a moment's notice. Thule backpacks make it easy to transport your belongings whether you're going on a day-long hike or camping overnight for a week. Durable exteriors and spacious interiors combine to create a solution for nearly any need. Staples carries these backpacks in several sizes and configurations for a wide array of users.

Multiple Types of Thule Backpacks
Shoppers can find several different types of Thule bags designed for different activities and trip lengths. Some have the features needed for hiking and traveling, while others work for more extreme sports such as skiing, snowboarding and biking. Users with children can find a model with a built-in carrier that safely holds infants and toddlers. Rolling backpacks come with safety features such as hip and shoulder stabilizer straps, and convenient sunshades that deploy to protect against the sun's rays.

Added Protection for Devices
Those who travel regularly with a laptop, whether for pleasure, school or business, can find a backpack that suits their needs. A special padded compartment safeguards against accidental shocks, drops and bumps. Many Thule leather backpacks also come with a sleeve that protects tablets, so users can transport multiple devices in a single bag.

Professional and hobbyist photographers can benefit from a special bag that includes several compartments and dividers for each of the components. Store lenses, the body, a tripod and necessary accessories within the multiple pockets to keep them within accessible reach. Some Thule pink backpacks have a space to mount a GoPro camera to capture adventures on the trail.

Are Thule Backpacks Adjustable?
Yes, many models come with an adjustable frame that's designed to suit a variety of torso lengths. When shopping, you can choose between men's and women's sizes with an adjustable suspension system to ensure the right fit. All of the straps, including the sternum, hip belt and shoulder straps adjust to evenly distribute the weight across your body for a comfortable experience. Some have shoulder straps with adjustable widths.

What Ergonomic Features Do Thule Backpacks Have?
Because they're designed for an active lifestyle, these backpacks come with several ergonomic features that make them comfortable to carry around for hours. Padded straps on the shoulders and a sternum strap help balance the weight load across your body to avoid muscle strain. Pivoting hip belts make it easy for the backpack to move with you, shifting the weight when you move for added versatility. Mesh back panels promote breathability, which helps prevent overheating and built-in rain covers and shades safeguard against the elements.

How Many Pockets Do Thule Backpacks Have?
The number of pockets each bag has depends on the model you choose. The larger the messenger bag, the more pockets you can expect to have. Many have compartments built into the straps to hold water bottles and snacks, as well as offer quick access to a camera for recording purposes. Those designed for extended use often fit hydration packs with an accessible straw to prevent dehydration and downtime while on the move.
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