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Tommyco Pruning Shears

Staples carries many brands of garden tools, including Corona and Fiskars, as well as Tommyco tool pouches that keep your gear organized and within easy reach. Pruning shears offer gardeners and professional landscapers a combination of control and cutting power that makes short work of most trimming tasks involving trees or shrubs. They have several blade styles that can handle a variety of materials and include scissor-sized products for fine work and large loppers with long handles for big trimming jobs.

Cut Branches Quickly with the Right Pruning Shears
There are three styles of blades used in these cutters. Bypass and parrot beak pruners have blades that slide past each other, like scissors. Bypass blades typically have one straight or concave blade paired with a convex blade. They're the most common pruner design and handle almost any general trimming or cutting task. Parrot beak pruners have two concave blades that trap branches between the cutting edges. They're ideal for pruning thin branches or stalks. Anvil cutters have a single, sharp blade paired with a flat surface. You can sharpen either side of an anvil blade, and these shears cut well even when their edge is a bit dull.

Ergonomic Cutter Design
Many of these tools feature handles with padded grips that reduce hand fatigue. Some have handle shapes that accommodate people with large or small hands. Contoured grips also prevent gardening mishaps by keeping your fingers away from cutting edges as you work. Lightweight materials such as aluminum and fiberglass used in handle construction reduce overall tool weight.

Most pruners have spring-loaded blades that open automatically after each use, further reducing the effort required to use them. Choose shears with a latch that holds the blade closed when it's not in use to protect cutting edges from damage.

Extra Cutting Power
Most pruners have high-carbon or hardened steel blades that maintain a precise and sharp cutting edge. Some also have non-stick coatings that reduce blade friction. A blade with a sap groove is ideal for pruning green wood. The groove keeps sticky fluids away from the pruner's cutting edge and mechanical parts. Select pruners also have replaceable blades and springs so that you can repair a worn or damaged tool.

While many pruners are one-handed tools that cut branches up to 1 inch in diameter, some have longer or telescoping handles that require two hands. They provide extra reach and enhanced cutting capacity. Shears with gearing mechanisms and ratcheting blades multiply the force you apply, making it easy to cut thick branches. Petite grape snips and floral scissors have small and thin blades that are ideal for trimming delicate new growth or cutting flowers.

Pruning branches and stems or cutting flowers are everyday activities for most gardeners, and pruning shears make short work of these landscaping tasks. Their varied blade styles slice through branches or stems of different thicknesses, and contoured and padded handles provide a comfortable and secure grip. Browse the many garden products available at Staples and find the right cutting tool for your next outdoor project.
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Tommyco 54045 Garden Pocket Gear Gardener
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  • Product Type: Pocket Gear Gardener
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  • Easily accommodates pruners and small garden tools
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