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Trademark Blue Armless Counter & Bar Stools

Trademark 30" Padded Swivel Bar Stools
Item : SS3461978
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  • Available logos: 9-Ball, 9-ball (made in usa), black corvette c1, blue moon, budweiser a & eagle, black, black (made in usa), black/silver, black/silver (made in usa), checker coca-cola, coors banquet, coors banquet (made in usa), coors light, coors light racing, coors light racing (made in usa), black, red, corvette c5, black, red, silver, silver (made in usa), corvette c6, black, red, silver, silver (made in usa), fire fighter, four aces, four aces (made in usa), four aces club, four aces club (made in usa), four aces diamond, four aces diamond (made in usa), four aces heart, four aces heart (made in usa), four aces spade, george killians irish red, george killians irish red (made in usa), las vegas, miller genuine draft, miller genuine draft (made in usa), miller high life, miller lite, miller lite (made in usa), molson canadian, pow, pow (made in usa), rack'em 8-ball, rack'em 8-ball (made in usa), red corvette c1, team chevy racing (made in usa), team chevy racing (made in usa), texas hold 'em, texas hold 'em (made in usa), us air force, us air force (made in usa), us coast guard, us coast guard (made in usa), us navy, us navy (made in usa), vintage coca-cola and wings coca-cola
  • Armless
  • Dimensions: 30"H
As low as 105.89 $105.89
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