About this product

Bulletin board set display official white house portraits of the U.S. presidents along with biographical notes with dates and major achievements.

Trend Enterprises® Bulletin board set with U.S. presidents theme includes biographical notes, dates and major achievements. Set of 54 pieces is ideal for grades 3 - 9 and has a tack or staple for mounting.

  • Age group and grade: Ages 8 - 15 and grades 3rd - 9th
  • Mounting: Tack or staple
  • Size: Standard
  • Holiday: President's day
  • Make a powerful impression
  • White house historical association portraits of all U.S presidents
  • Along with 4 specialty cards (white house, oval office, presidential seal, mount rushmore), 3 versatile header cards, and 3 stars and stripes streamers
  • Biographical notes with dates and major achievements
  • Package: 54 pieces/set