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Tripp Lite Card Readers & Adapters

Signage and mobile display solutions provider Tripp Lite supports marketers, retailers, and sales professionals with video display setups for all types of showrooms and offices. Card readers enable the fast and easy transfer of a variety of graphics, images, and videos, bypassing slow downloads and uploads via the internet.

Primary Advantages of Tripp Lite Memory Card Readers
No matter what type of mobile device or camera you use to take pictures or record video, a Tripp Lite card reader can quickly and conveniently move those files to a hard drive, computer, or mobile device. Many USB memory card readers are compatible with multiple USB ports including 3.0, 2.0, and 1.1. If your laptop, tablet, monitor system, or computer does not have a built-in card reader, you can still take advantage of quick file transfers and increase your file sharing capacity with a versatile card reader.

If you or your team often relies on a fast internet connection to share images, memory cards work more quickly and do not require access to the cloud. Employees and team members can keep media backed up on physical cards, making them more portable and easier to use. Because card readers do not require an external power supply, they are also appropriate for professionals who spend a lot of time on the road, or in environments, like hotels and showrooms, where dragging power can be cumbersome or inconvenient. Also, many monitors and projection equipment that are not Wi-Fi enabled and peripherals are required to upload new media for display.

Important Features of Tripp Lite Memory Card Readers
Super USB 3.0 ports transfer files at a fast and efficient 5 Gbps, giving professionals more flexibility to move HD video in between different devices. Most operating systems for Mac® that date back to 2012, including Apple® iOS™ 10.8 and Windows® 7, from 2008, support USB 3.0. If you're using a machine that isn't 3.0 capable, the reader automatically supports 2.0 and 1.1.

Who Needs a Tripp Lite Memory Card Reader?
Retailers, store managers, facility coordinators who need to load presentations, in-store videos, and curated, branded imagery can use card readers to move those files to and from different drives. Professional videographers, cinematographers, photographers, and editors who often work with large video files appreciate the speed and efficiency of the USB 3.0 protocol and light, portable cards readers.

What Types of Cards Are Compatible With Tripp Lite Card Readers?
Tripp Lite readers can be used with the most common types of memory cards. This includes popular brands like SanDisk® Ultra cards, and most other secure digital standard cards including Elite Pro, SD Pro, SDHC, and SD-Max. Note that if you have a MicroSD card, you will need to purchase an SD to Micro SD adapter.

Why Use Tripp Card Readers?
Wedding photographers often use fresh images from the wedding ceremony and display them on monitors during the reception, which can be accomplished quickly with a card reader. Other event photographers who record and take images at training seminars, award ceremonies, banquets, and fundraisers often need similar functionality. These cards feature plug and play capability, so they are easy to deploy at outdoor events as well.
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Tripp Lite U352-000-MD-AL USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Memory Card Reader/Writer (U352-000-MD-AL)
Item : IM12T2174 / Model : U352-000-MD-AL
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  • SuperSpeed memory card reader/writer transfers data between your tablet, laptop, Ultrabook, Chromebook or computer
  • Suitable with CompactFlash I/II, MMCmobile/MMCplus/MMC/SD/SDHC/SDXC/microSD/microSDHC/TransFlash
  • Interface: One 9-pin type A USB 3.0
26.79 $26.79
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Tripp Lite External Hot-Pluggable Multi-Drive SD / CF/ MS Card Reader
Item : IM1PK9967 / Model : U352-000-MD
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  • External hot-pluggable
  • Host interface: USB 3.0
  • Compatibility: All USB enabled operating systems
30.29 $30.29