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True Temper Weed Cutters & Chain Saws

Controlling weeds and shaping trees and shrubs are everyday tasks for most gardeners, farmers and landscapers. Brands such as True Temper, Bond and Jackson Professional can take on any cleanup or yard maintenance task and are available from the broad range of garden tools and accessories available at Staples. Weed cutters remove unwanted plants quickly and easily, and chain saws let you remove low-hanging branches or damaged trees efficiently.

Chain Saws Tackle Tough Cutting Jobs
A chain saw is a power tool with an electric or gas motor. The engine drives a chain along a guide blade, and the sharp metal teeth attached to the chain do the cutting. These tools cut wood but are not suitable for softer materials such as weeds or stalks.

Gas saws are quite powerful, making them an excellent tool for felling trees or major pruning tasks. Electric saws use either a rechargeable battery or a power cord and are typically smaller and lighter than gas-powered models. They can handle many trimming tasks around the yard, but their shorter blades and less powerful motors may bog down when dealing with large branches or tree trunks. All chain saws are noisy, so be sure you wear hearing protection when using these tools.

Clear Unwanted Growth with a Weed Cutter
While a chain saw can cut trees and woody shrubs, you'll need other tools to take care of lighter plants. Bladed weed cutters such as machetes and corn or cane knives slash through unwanted growth quickly. Most of these products resemble oversize kitchen knives. They typically have a 15- to 24-inch long blade and a one-handed grip. This handle style leaves your other hand free to move and pile cut debris. Swing the blade with a sweeping motion to clear large areas of light growth or using a chopping motion to cut small branches or thicker stalks.

There are also two-handed weed trimming tools. They have long wooden handles and a straight blade mounted at an angle. These cutters eliminate bending and stooping and are good for clearing large areas of light growth such as long grass. However, most won't cut thicker stalks or branches.

How do You Maintain These Tools?
A little preventive maintenance will extend the service life of your chain saw or weed cutter. Wipe down all tools with a soft rag to remove dirt and debris and make sure they're dry before storing them. You may need to use soapy water or a solvent such as turpentine to remove sticky sap from weed trimmer blades, and a quick spray with light machine oil can help prevent corrosion.

Chain saw care is a bit more complicated, and most of these products come with a complete set of directions for tool maintenance. You can simplify maintenance by choosing a saw with a self-oiling chain, quick-change air filters and a tool-free chain tension adjustment.

Specialized tools such as chain saws and weed cutters take care of pruning and trimming tasks efficiently, leaving gardeners more time to enjoy their outdoor space. Explore the many power and hand tools available at Staples and find a cutting tool that meets your landscaping maintenance needs.
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Jackson® Professional Tools Double Edged Serrated Blade Deluxe Weed Cutter, 30 in (L) Handle
Item: 852449 / Model : 027-1945000
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  • Blade type: Double edged serrated
  • Handle size: 30 in length
  • Handle material: North American ash wood
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