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UST Step Stools & Ladders

When it comes to performing focused work high up on portable scaffolding, the stability of the rolling structure is a primary concern. UST outrigger attachments are designed to enhance the security of scaffolds, providing peace of mind that the unit is safe for you or your employees when performing tasks like painting, drywall patching, cleaning and other projects.

Utilize Durable Outriggers To Maximize Safety
UST's outriggers come in sets of four 18-inch pieces, which extend the base of scaffolding by 36 inches in each direction. When scaffolds are especially high or are double-stacked, outriggers are necessary to keep workers safe and comfortable, while ensuring you are meeting Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. These durable steel outriggers are rust-resistant and powder coated, so they'll withstand rain, corrosion and other wear, without the risk of failing over time. They include thumb screws for simple adjustment and secure installation.

Benefit From a Versatile Outrigger
When choosing a UST outrigger, be sure it is compatible with the type of scaffolding you are supporting. Many outriggers are designed for the Baker-style scaffold, a popular type of portable structure that is composed of 1.5-inch steel tubes, with double-locking casters for portability. When installing outriggers for this type of scaffold, the casters are removed from the original base and placed on the outrigger. The additional support is conducive to precision tasks like painting, window washing, high installations and maintenance work.

When Are Outriggers Necessary?
Outriggers add support and stability to the base of scaffolds and are required for high scaffolding, such as when units are double-stacked. If the height of the scaffold is three times that of the minimum base dimension, an outrigger is necessary to extend the base. UST outriggers come in sets of four, intended to extend all four corners of the base.

How Are Outriggers and Scaffolds Used Safely?
When installing scaffolding for employees or hired help, safety and regulation adherence is of utmost importance. Keep in mind that rolling scaffolding should be used only in spaces with level and clean surfaces. Unlevel or soil surfaces do not provide the necessary stability for rolling towers. Make sure there are no obstructions overhead. Be sure that the caster and swivel breaks are working properly before allowing anyone to climb the tower, and check that all components are installed securely.

How Are Outriggers Installed?
Be sure to follow the specific installation instructions provided with your product. Gather all necessary materials that may be required, including outrigger sets, casters and clamps. Depending on the type of scaffold installation, some outriggers require that the casters be removed from the scaffold and pinned to the outriggers, while others may come with additional casters. The outrigger must be attached to each of the four corners. Once adjusted at the proper angle, use clamps or other securing mechanisms to lock them in place. Always be sure to set caster brakes to prevent unwanted motion.

To prevent accidents and alleviate worker stress, be sure to review essential OSHA regulations for scaffold safety and stock up on the necessary components for a safe work environment.
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UST Steel Outrigger (Set of 4)
Item : WYF078276139187
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  • Provides extra stability for rolling scaffolds
  • For 6' Scaffold
  • Set of four
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