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Union Tools Hoes

UnionTools products include a wide range of tools for preparing, planting and maintaining home gardens and landscapes, as well as maintaining the surroundings of structural elements of properties, including walks, patios and driveways. The company's tools include spades, scoops and shovels and garden, leaf, grass and shrub rakes. Other UnionTools lines include spading, manure, bedding and feed forks, and other long-handle tools such as edgers, post-hole diggers and cultivators. The company also offers a variety of wheelbarrows.

Particularly well-known for its gardening hoes, UnionTools offers varieties that have unique, specific applications for home flower beds, vegetable gardens and landscaping plots.

Hoes Specifically for Garden Work
UnionTools makes both welded and forged gardening hoes that are ideal for chopping up and loosening soil clumps, clearing embedded growth and weeding garden beds. They are particularly useful for removing seedlings just below the soil surface when you're thinning out. Welded hoes have 51-inch hardwood handles with 6-inch blades. Forged hoes come in blade sizes from 6.25 to 7 inches, with shank-pattern blade designs that have either beveled or tri-sharpened edges. Handles range from 51 to 54 inches in length and are crafted from verifiably sustainable hardwoods.

Hoes for Specialty Purposes
Several specialty garden hoes are available, including a warren hoe with a triangular head that tills the soil in between plant rows, creating furrows for new rows. The welded, just over 6-inch-long head has ears on the back of the blade to pull soil over newly sown seeds. This warren hoe is also ideal for harvesting root vegetables because it has a strong steel ferrule connection and 48-inch-long hardwood handle.
Other specialty hoes offered are ashwood-handle, gooseneck-shank cotton hoes, two-prong weeder hoes with a flat side for chopping and a pronged side for cultivating, and scuffle hoes with an open, double-bladed head to weed and cultivate using a push-pull motion. There is also a floral scuffle with a triangular-shaped head that is valuable for working specifically in flower beds, and its long hardwood handle lets you avoid bending or kneeling.

Corporate Social Responsibility
UnionTools is an industry leader in tool design and development and is dedicated to improving the company's production technology in response to emerging ecological issues. UnionTools' parent company, the Ames Group, follows strict ethical standards in business and demands the same of the suppliers the group uses to provide manufacturing components. It also conducts ongoing reviews of sourcing policies to ensure that global suppliers comply with international regulatory and legal standards, particularly prohibitions on the use of child or prison labor to manufacture supplies, as well as unethical or unsafe factory environments.

UnionTools is a leading manufacturer of garden tools that is known particularly for the company's array of garden and specialty hoes with unique blade designs specific to dedicated tasks in the garden. The steel ferrules on the hoes that connect the blade head with the handle are well constructed to keep the hoes intact over long periods of usage. Browse Staples for a variety of hoes to meet your gardening needs.
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