VuPoint Solutions Ink Cartridges & Toner Cartridges

VuPoint Solutions Ink & toner at Staples

VuPoint Solutions ink cartridges offer advanced technologies with innovative solutions and reliable products that create crisp and clear images with each print. Designed to work with the VuPoint Cube printer, VuPoint Solutions printer cartridges are compatible ink cartridges that are designed for convenience and easy to install. Whether printing photos for scrapbooking or delivering quality professional photos for business, these ink cartridges deliver quality results every time.

Innovative Technology
Using dye sublimation thermal transfer, the VuPoint ink cartridges ensure smudge-proof inks with very little mess. Using a dye sublimation printer, the inks in the VuPoint Solutions printer cartridges are heated and transferred to the included paper. As the ink cools it solidifies. This makes the photos last longer and resistant to fading. Each discount ink cartridge has a shelf life of up to 18 months from the date of manufacture, so these VuPoint Solutions ink cartridges can be purchased in bulk in order to have plenty on hand for large events or home use. Photos can print with a standard orientation, or the cartridges can be used to print panoramic prints.

Convenient Design
Each VuPoint Solutions ink cartridge is designed as an all-in-one cartridge. Each manufactured ink cartridge features both the photo paper and the ink combined. The paper included with these VuPoint Solutions printer cartridges have a waterproof laminated coating. This guards against moisture in storage and helps protect the photo paper from accidental spills. The special coating of the prints also provides protection from UV rays that can cause yellowing and damage with age.

VuPoint Solutions Compatible
Designed to be used with VuPoint Solutions Photo Cube printers, these compatible ink cartridges print up to 36 images at a time. To use the VuPoint Solutions printer cartridges, the user simply removes the old cartridge and inserts a new one without the need to add paper or change the ink separately. The VuPoint Photo Cube printer is wireless and can print photos from any smartphone, making these compatible ink cartridges ideal for printing pictures on the go.