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Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Vue Pack Coffee, Light Roast, 16/Box (9300)Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Vue Pack Coffee, Light Roast, 16/Box (9300)
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Item #982552
Model #9300
  • Vue pack coffee offers a single-serve portion that fit the Keurig Vue brewing system
  • Light roast coffee with Breakfast blend flavor
Start your day with a delicious cup of coffee made with single-serving Vue® packs from Keurig®. Similar to K-Cups®, Vue cups allow users to quickly brew their favorite hot beverages when it's most convenient for them. Staples® carries a variety of Vue pods from top-rated coffee companies such as Tully's®, Starbucks®, and Green Mountain Coffee® to suit the tastes of every coffee lover.

Vue Packs Offer Users Portable Beverage Convenience
Similar to coffee pods, pocket-sized Vue pods are ideal for busy professionals, teachers, and travelers, as they can be tucked away in backpacks, briefcases, and carry-on bags for on-the-go enjoyment. Their compact size also makes it easy for office and restaurant staff to stock plenty of extra supplies, allowing visitors and guests to brew personal-sized beverages wherever Keurig machines are available.

Compatible With Vue Brewers and Other Brewing Machines
While Vue packs are designed primarily for Keurig's Vue series of brewers and have a slightly different shape than K-Cups®, they're compatible with several of Keurig's other coffee grinders as well. Simply load pods into the machine like a standard K-Cup, choose your ideal settings and within minutes, beverages are ready to go. Before brewing a new pot of coffee, users may want to check product packaging to ensure the cups work properly with specific machine models. In case you are looking for new coffee makers, Staples carries a large selection of such items.

A Variety of Roasts and Flavors to Suit Every Taste
High-end brewing equipment and trips to the drive-through aren't necessary to enjoy these full-flavor brews, which means avid coffee connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike save valuable time and money by brewing from home or at the office. Choose from single-flavor packs of popular blends, or try variety packs that let visitors pick their preferred coffee flavor.

Vue packs come in regular, half-caf, and decaffeinated blends to suit every user's tastes. Light roasts such as breakfast and daybreak blends contain the most energy-boosting power, while medium roasts such as Hawaiian, Nantucket, and doughnut shop blends provide a balanced amount of aroma and flavor. Those who prefer rich, deeply-flavored drinks enjoy dark roasts such as French, Italian, and Colombian blends. Specialty coffee blends such as French vanilla, Chai latte, caramel, and hazelnut make for delicious post-meal beverages that pair well with desserts. Options for non-coffee drinkers include hot cocoa and tea blends that are delicious served hot or cold.

Do Vue Pack Beverages Contain Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?
Some flavors do contain sweeteners and artificial ingredients. If dietary concerns are an issue, users may want to check product packaging to ensure certain beverages are safe for consumption. You can also check out one of the Tassimo Discs that Staples carries.

Can the Vue Pods Be Used More Than Once?
Pods are intended to be used only once, as most of the flavor and caffeine is extracted after a single brewing. Some users may find a second brewing works fine for them, although the flavor intensity and caffeine boost may vary greatly.

Are Vue Pack Pods Recyclable?
Vue pods are recyclable, along with K-Cups manufactured from #5 polypropylene plastic. Before placing cups in recycling bins, users should carefully remove foil lids, coffee stirrers, and ground contents, as those parts are not recyclable. Most recycling facilities accept these cups along with other recyclable materials, although they may not be accepted in some communities.