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WACOM Tablets

Tablet technology has completely changed the face of productivity, and tablets streamline everything from work to entertainment. As an artist, you’re interested in tablets that replicate the feeling of working with different art materials and tools. Wacom devices use a sensitive touchscreen and high-quality graphics to create an environment where you can sketch, brainstorm and play.

High-Resolution Tablets Improve Graphic Quality and Detail

The main focus of Wacom is graphic design, so the company designs tablets with artists in mind. The screen resolution of a tablet determines how clearly graphics are displayed and how easy it is to work with small areas of an image. Depending on which Wacom tablets you consider, devices have resolutions as high as 5080 lines per inch. Base models, with resolutions of 2540 lines per inch, still offer plenty of space to work on details.

Pen pressure sensitivity also affects graphic quality and detail. Generally, Wacom devices fit into two groups. The first group has 1,024 sensitivity levels when you work with a Wacom pen, and the second group has 2,048 levels. The more sensitive tablets provide an extra level of detail that is excellent for graphic designers and professional artists, but both groups effectively mimic the effects of art supplies and tools.

Screen Size and Tablet Size Affect Convenience of Device

Like conventional tablets, Wacom devices offer a range of screen sizes. Smaller options accommodate travel and on-the-go work, while larger tablets are ideal for extremely detailed work and use as a second computer screen. Small tablets generally have screen sizes of 13.3 inches to 19 inches, and large devices offer screen sizes from 19 inches to 30 inches.

Beyond screen size, the actual dimensions of the tablet are important. If you want to use the tablet as a handheld device, a thicker screen border makes it easy to hold onto the device while working. If you plan on setting the device up alongside a desktop monitor, border size isn't as important.

Software Bundles with Wacom Devices

The computer connected to the Wacom device determines the type of software you use. Each Wacom tablet has separate software options. Those with Mac computers choose from devices with the Macphun Creative Kit, Corel Aftershot Pro 2, Corel Painter Essentials 5 and ArtRage Lite. Windows software options include Corel PaintShop Pro X8, Corel Painter Essential 5, Anime Studio Debut 10 and ArtRage Lite.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity Options

All Wacom tablets can connect to a computer that displays tablet input and offers editing options. This involves connecting the tablet to a computer with a cable via a USB port. Wired connections offer low latency speeds, so marks made on the tablet show up almost instantly on the computer. Most Wacom devices include wireless connectivity as well, allowing artists to work anywhere without being connected to a computer.

Whether you’re creating art for personal enjoyment or your career, having high-quality tools makes a big difference. Compare the many tablet options manufactured by Wacom at Staples and unleash your creativity.

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Wacom® DTH-1320 13.3" Cintiq Pro 13 Graphics Tablet, Windows/Mac, Dark Gray
Item : IM16G2631 / Model : DTH1320K0
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  • 13.3" graphics tablet allows you to enjoy your favorite music, photos, movies and games on the go
  • Display: 13.3" IPS digitizer/LCD multi touch display, 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Operating system: Apple MacOS X 10.10 or later, Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or later
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