WD NAS / Cloud Storage

Backup up all of your devices to one convenient location using WD® cloud storage. It works with home and office networks by plugging directly into the existing router, offering coverage to anyone connected to the network. Staples® carries a large selection of NAS/cloud storage options, including WD NAS storage, making it simple to find a data storage system that works for you.

WD Cloud Storage Automatically Backs Up Devices When They're Connected
Set to automatically backup associated electronics, these devices are designed to give you peace of mind that your files are safe. It frees users from the need to manually start the backup sequence or remember to schedule it every week or month. Some WD devices feature a two-hard drive system that is setup in mirror mode, meaning the information is saved once on one drive and then duplicated on the other to ensure even the backup is backed up so you always have access to your files.

WD NAS Storage Makes It Simple to Share Information
These storage systems are capable of working with many devices at once. Sync them with phones, laptops, and tablets to ensure files and schedules are kept up to date on all of your devices, no matter which one they were changed on. Create folders on the system to make it easy for colleagues to share elements of a project. The streamlined design makes it simple to keep files organized for easy viewing by everyone in the home or office.

Is WD My Cloud Storage Easy to Set Up?
Each WD storage system comes complete with a quick install guide to help users easily setup their new device. Simply connect the box to the router using the included Ethernet cord and follow the step by step instructions and your new cloud storage is ready to begin backing up all of your files.

Do They Keep Files Safe?
Many cloud storage systems feature an encryption function, which helps keep files secure on the network. It ensures only those with permission to view the files can see them, keeping others out. This function is compatible with both MAC and PC products, so all of your devices are protected. Check the product information for details on what operating systems are capable of syncing with the device.

How Much Data Can They Hold?
It depends on the product. This line of cloud storage devices is capable of holding anywhere from two to 16 terabytes of data. The smaller models work well for homes and small business and larger capacity devices are capable of supporting the needs of larger office spaces. With that much space, they can hold all of your files, large and small.

Does WD My Cloud Storage Work With Online Applications?
Many professional storage solutions support a range of online apps that allow users to customize their experience. It makes it easy for people to organize their files and to upload them so they can access them from anywhere. The apps integrate with the dashboard for easy use.