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Wall Files

Cubicle accessories like wall files fully utilize available space in busy offices where space is often at a premium. No matter how much space users have to complete their work, it's important to have a simple organization system that keeps work flowing in and out of the office seamlessly.

Streamline Work with Wall File Sets

Wall-mounted file holders are an excellent way to keep important documents close at hand without taking up space with a cabinet. Users mount these files to the office or cubicle walls. They are available singly or in sets with up to seven files. Consider using this storage option to separate work by client due date or project status.

Different Materials and Colors Suit Your Office Decor

Choosing the right material for office accessories helps users get more use out of them. Some files are made from a wire mesh. These options are often silver or black, providing a sleek addition to the decor.

Plastic files are solid, providing additional support for heavy folders or loose items. Transparent plastic files are often available in clear, black or gray colors. Opaque files are an optimal option for private documents or sensitive information.

Rely on Cubicle Accessories to Maximize Space

When office partitions divide up space, employees have to use their work area effectively. Accessories take advantage of wall space.

This clears up floor and desk space, making it easier to navigate a small cubicle or office. Plastic and metal wall clips attach to the wall.

They hold light documents and materials for easy access. This saves time by keeping frequently-used paperwork immediately available.

How do Wall Files Attach to the Wall?

Many brands produce wall-mounted files that use a variety of mounting systems. Some file sets come with metal mounting hardware that is drilled into the wall.

Others rely on adhesive that keeps the wall free of holes. Adhesive options are optimal for office partitions that cannot support excessive weight. Magnetic files and clips are a convenient option for filing cabinets and other metal surfaces.

Do Files fit Standard Folders?

Most file sets are letter-sized, so they accommodate 8.5 x 11-inch documents and manila file folders. Those who need more space can choose legal-sized files. These files fit 8.5 x 14-inch folders and documents.

Although most files are meant to hold landscape-oriented folders, some work with a vertical installation.

Which Options Save the Most Space?

Wall racks take up the least amount of space, an important feature for those who prefer a minimalist office design. They are open on every side except the bottom, rather than opening only at the top.

Can you add Files After Installation?

Some users prefer to start with one file and add additional slots as needed. Expandable sets let users install as many files as they want. The structure makes it easy to add more files later without redoing the entire file system.

An organized, tidy office makes work easier and more productive. Find ways to use office space creatively with the variety of office organization accessories at Staples.
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