Walnut Accent Chairs

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Accent chairs offer an inexpensive way to keep extra seating on hand when guests and unexpected visitors stop by. Walnut accent chairs are extremely resilient to frequent use, are easy to clean and come in an array of styles and sizes to fit nearly any need. Staples® carries a selection of walnut chairs and furnishings to outfit both a busy office and home.

Characteristics of Walnut Accent Chairs
Walnut furniture is known for its durability and long-lasting characteristics. The grain on this type of furniture is straight and pronounced, which gives it a uniform appearance. Walnut wood ranges in hue from a dark brown, almost black, to a very light tan, which makes it easy to mix and match with other types of furnishings. Dark walnut is a popular choice for accent chairs, display cabinets, and dining room tables due to its sophisticated appearance.

Walnut provides an attractive appearance on its own, so it does not require stain. A simple top coat of clear varnish is usually enough to bring out its beauty. However, the wood does hold stain and can be painted to change its appearance as desired.

Available Options for Accent Chairs
Accent chairs come in a variety of styles to complement any type of decor. Choose a modern walnut living room chair with sleek lines and a padded seat to provide a comfortable place for guests to sit. Users can slide easily into and out of armless chairs, and it's a simple matter to move the chairs from one room to the next as needed. Chairs with tufted cushions offer a warm and inviting location to relax, while completely padded chairs with solid wood frames support the body while you're watching television or reading a book.

Modern chairs with wide rounded seats provide a gallery-like feel to apartments and contemporary decors. You can also select side chairs to fill out a dining area for entertaining guests on special occasions. Because of their durability, walnut chairs withstand the heavy use experienced in reception areas and waiting rooms.

How Do You Care for Walnut Furniture?
Remove dust and daily debris by rubbing the furniture with a soft, dry cloth. This helps bring out the natural oil and luster of the wood. Keep walnut accent chairs out of direct sunlight and wipe off spills immediately to maintain the beauty of the furniture. Apply a wax coat or wood polish to the wood at least twice a year. Be sure to rub with the grain.

Do Walnut Accent Chairs Have to Match?
Walnut accent chairs are designed to provide a pop of color and to update any room. They need not match existing decor in order to be effective. When adding several accent chairs to the same room, measure the chairs to keep them approximately the same size so one does not overpower the other. The same height and size accent chairs also create symmetry within the room.

Is There a Difference Between Walnut Occasional Chairs and Accent Chairs?
An occasional chair is a type of accent chair that is lightweight and designed for special occasions. These chairs are usually armless, which makes them easy to move, and they usually come in eye-catching or shapely designs.
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