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Wearable Technology

 Enjoy an advantage with wearable technology that meshes your digital lifestyle with your accessory collection. Innovative brands such as Pivothead, Fitbit, and Jawbone design devices that are worn on your body, so you have hands-free flexibility. Use wearable tech to make a lifestyle change.

Fitness Trackers
capture all the information you need to craft a targeted health-improvement plan with wearable technology such as pedometers and fitness trackers. Designed to be worn on the wrist or clipped to clothing, these handy devices record your activity, calculate calories burned, and sync information to your computer or mobile device so you can better progress toward your goals. Choose a tracker that can monitor your body functions while you're sleeping for 24-hour fitness management. Action Cameras Record your adventures from your own perspective with wearable technology that puts a video camera right on your body.

Action Cameras
come with mounts that let you attach the camera to something you're wearing, such as a helmet or visor, and with a high-capacity flash memory card in the camera's storage slot, you can capture hours of hands-free footage to edit and share. Upgrade to camera glasses for the ultimate in high-tech recording convenience.

Smart Watches
switch from a regular timepiece to a smart watch, and make it easy to manage important features of your mobile phone without pulling it out of your pocket or bag. Select a watch with GPS capabilities and heart-rate monitoring to combine the functionality of a watch, compass, and fitness tracker in one convenient wrist-based accessory. High-definition LCD displays with backlight capabilities make this type of wearable tech beneficial, even in poor-light conditions.

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Not sure what wearable technology is or what to look for in a device? You can track everything from steps taken, calories burned, and more!

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