Weed & Moss Control

Kick your landscaping business into high gear with weed barriers, weed killers, and moss-control products from Dr. Earth, Preen, and Bonide. These products stop weeds in their tracks, making it easier to create beautiful gardens and walkways. Find sprays and granules to meet your needs.

Repels Insects
Weed killers and moss-control products pull double duty as insect repellents, giving you more control over the health of shrubs, hedges, trees, and flowering plants. Use weed-control products to keep aphids, spider mites, corn earworms, and other garden pasts from munching on leaves and ruining the roots of plants. Additional pest control products are available to discourage rodents and other small animals from snacking on landscaping elements.

Environmentally Friendly
Reduce your impact on the environment by purchasing weed prevention products with organic ingredients. Natural ingredients prevent weed growth without putting pets and children at risk during outdoor activities. Fabric barriers prevent moss growth without the use of chemicals, making them ideal for commercial and residential landscaping projects.

Safe Stump Removal
Explosive stump removal products put your safety at risk and increase the risk of work-related injuries. Protect employees by switching to non-explosive products for all of your landscaping projects. Non-explosive products are just as effective, but they are much safer than traditional stump removal options.

Weed Prevention
Stop weed growth in its tracks by applying weed prevention products to lawns and gardens. Sprays and granules are available for easy application in vegetable gardens, flower beds, and the areas around trees and ornamental shrubs. Use sturdy cups to measure and pour the right amount of weed killer without spilling it on clothing or work supplies.