Westcott® Finger Grip 12" Plastic Ruler, Assorted Colors (00403/55276)

Item #: 711762 | Model #: 00403/55276

About this product

Wescott® Finger Grip Rulers- Precise and Reliable

Westcott® 12" Finger grip ruler in assorted colors is made of plastic for superior quality and perfect for small offices. Ruler features raised center for easy handling and has sharply delineated numerals/graduations for accurate measurements.

  • Raised center for easy handling
  • Imperial scale in 1/16 of an inch as well as the metric scale in millimeters
  • Translucent colors allow for viewing through to the page
  • Durable plastic 12" ruler
  • Numerals and graduations are sharply delineated
  • Straight and true edges
  • Durable plastic ruler
  • Assorted colors; color chosen at random