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Wicker Benches & Beam Seating

A wicker bench provides a versatile accent and side seating for a home or work setting. They're also often one of the main seating elements in sunrooms and three-season porches, as well as outdoors on patios, decks or in roof-top restaurants. Wicker has a long furniture history, so these benches blend seamlessly with traditional and contemporary decor.

Wicker Is a Multifunctional Material
Wicker is a lightweight, rigid material consisting of interwoven plant reeds or grasses, such as bamboo, rattan, or willow. Wicker sometimes also comes from woven synthetic polymers. Entire benches may consist of wicker, or wicker may form just the bench seat. Bench weaves can be intricate and ornate or basic and rustic. Wicker benches are stylish in any setting, from beach houses to stately mansions. Wicker is highly resistant to the elements, so it's ideal for outdoor seating. It's strong enough to hold up to many purposes, whether it's seating for robust individuals, a temporary holding area for heavy packages, or a storage area for bulk material.

Wicker Benches Come in a Rainbow of Colors
Natural wicker has the color of the reed or grass it comes from, normally neutral shades taking on light brownish to gray-green hues. Wicker also accepts paint, stains, oils, and even dyes well, so benches can come in a variety of colors to accent any interior palette or serve as the color centerpiece of an entire room. You can get benches with high-gloss or matte finishes or wood-finish benches that show highlights of the delicate graining of the natural reeds and grasses.

What Type of Styling Do Wicker Benches Offer?
Wicker is flexible enough to be woven into linear or contoured shapes, so benches can have an array of structural elements, including pedestal feet, half arms, hinged tops, and curved seating. Many benches are rectangular and rest on the floor without feet. A bench can serve as a spacious storage area in the bedroom for linens and bedding or boots and outerwear in a mudroom. Wicker blends well with other structural material, so some benches have a permanent outer frame of aluminum or wood that is combined with wicker baskets that slide under the bench as front panels and pull out for storage.

What Bench Seat Designs Are Available?
Weaving wicker is a combination of art, craft, and technology. Many bench seats are woven by hand, while others are manufactured by loom. Some seats are strand-woven from holes drilled in the sides of the seat, and others have a continuous weave around the edges of the seat with pieces joined by knots. An eclectic variety of wicker bench seat patterns is available, including spiderweb, daisy, snowflake, Carolina, diamond, herringbone, and octagon.

Is Wicker Material Considered Sustainable?
The bamboo, rattan, willow, and other reeds and grasses used in bench wicker grow in abundance throughout the world and are farmed for use in wicker making. Each of these natural plants is extremely fast growing and is harvested at specific levels of maturity and in a way that maintains the root structure for renewed growth. Synthetic bench wicker supports the sustainability of these naturally renewable grasses and reeds, and choosing polymer weaves is often a cost-effective consideration in many cases.
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Southern Enterprises Water Hyacinth Woven Bench, Black/Natural (BC0256)
Item : 2008983 / Model : BC0256
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  • Bench with a rustic appeal
  • Natural water hyacinth coordinates well with your decor
  • Bench measures 44.5" W x 18.25" D x 18.75" H
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