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Dragonfly Yoga Jacket
Item #SS3354739
  • Color And Material: Black & Red Nylon & Spandex
  • Size: 2 - 16
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Feel comfortable when exercising, running errands, and doing anything else you do throughout the week with women's active jackets. Designed to specifically fit the shape of the female body, these jackets come in various sizes to make you feel comfortable when hitting the gym or relaxing at home.

Store Your Belongings
Keep a close eye on your belongings and keep your wallet, cell phone, and other items close by without carrying your purse or gym bags. Pockets on the sides of these jackets provide enough space for all the things you need to take with you, and some jackets provide interior pockets for added storage.

Look Your Best
Wear an active jacket for women with a pair of women's active pants to look your best all day long. Perfect for wearing during a run on a cold morning, you can also pair the jacket with jeans when running errands or other workout gear to look your best when heading to the gym.

Regulate Your Body Temperature
Feel warm when working outside in the cool or feel cooler when working out on a hot day with a jacket made from a lightweight and breathable fabric. The fabric doesn't cling to you as you sweat, and it can help you feel cooler or warmer throughout your workout.

Feel Comfortable
Feel comfortable no matter where the day takes you in a jacket designed for your body. The lightweight fabric doesn't weigh you down, and a full-length zipper lets you wear the jacket open or closed to increase your comfort level.