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Wool Sponges

Wool sponges are two different types of cleaning supplies that are part of cleaning regimens involving car and floor care and personal care. Wool polishing pads or bonnets attach to upright and hand-held equipment to clean and buff wood flooring and to polish car finishes. Sea wool sponges are loofah-style cleaners for skin care and body wash routines. Both come from natural materials. Staples® has different size wool sponges available as well as other cleaning supplies.

Wool Sponges for Cars and Wood Flooring
Car and wood-floor wax finishes can easily be scratched and are best cleaned with the softest materials possible. A wool sponge for car and floor care is normally made of lambs wool, the silkiest of sheep’s wool. Each fiber is lighter and finer but also stronger and more elastic than other types of wool. Lambs wool fibers are crimped in a way that gives them unique absorptive qualities. A wool sponge for cars and wood floors can repel water, yet also to draw out impurities in the wax finishes to provide a lustrous shine without leaving behind buffing or polishing marks.

Sea Wool Sponges for Skin Care
A sponge is a plant-like marine creature whose exoskeleton provides a natural, absorptive material that was a widely used cleaning product before the introduction of synthetic sponges. Today, most marine sponges are for bathing and skin care. A sea sponge is durable and highly absorbent, and when wet is an exfoliating, soft-textured material that can generate a rich lather for cleaning. Many of the finest sea sponges come from the state of Florida, called prime sea wool or Rock Island sea wool. A sea sponge harvested from Florida’s coastal waters is hypoallergenic, inhibits the growth of bacteria, and is 100 percent biodegradable. When the sponge is cultivated with its roots left intact, it also regenerates, so the sponges are a renewable and sustainable natural resource.

How Do Wool Sponges for Cars and Floors Work?
The sponge used on wood floors is called a polishing pad and fits on upright floor polisher-buffers with round heads, anywhere from 6 inches to 20 inches in diameter. The pads normally have retaining clips that keep them secured to the head. They are round because the polishing and buffing motion should be circular to avoid leaving marks on the wax surface. A sponge for car care is called a bonnet. It attaches to hand-held polisher-buffers with drawstrings. The polishers also have round heads, normally from 7 to 10 inches in diameter. Both the pads and the bonnets are washable and reusable, and will fit just about any polishing machine whose head is the same diameter as the pad or bonnet.

Do Sea Wool Sponges Have Other Uses?
When wet or most, a sea sponge is useful for both artwork and decorative painting. Its absorptive qualities let the sponge hold paint well or to grab it from canvas. Its applications include sponge painting, stippling, faux-finishing, and staining, on materials ranging from ceramics to artboard. It works with acrylics, oils, watercolors, and dyes.

Is the Material for Car and Wood-Floor Wool Sponges Suitable for Other Applications?
Lambs wool makes luxurious clothing, and, like a sea sponge, is useful for hand painting and staining the surface of objects that are small or delicate, like wood trim or wooden jewelry boxes. Hand gloves of lambs wool produce finishes without brushstrokes, and wool pads and cleaning tools can also be used by hand to polish silver and gems to a glossy, mark-free sheen.
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Koblenz® 45-0102-9 6" Koblenz and Regina; Lambswool Pads
Item: 208734 / Model : KBZ4501029
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  • Compatible: Koblenz shampooers/polishers
  • Use on all bare floor finishes to bring out shine between waxing
  • Compatible with all Koblenz shampooers/polishers and with Kenmore and Regina shampooers/polishers using 6" attachments
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