Writeyboard, 50 Square Feet, 1-Part Clear Dry-Erase Paint (30001-02)

Writeyboard, 50 Square Feet, 1-Part Clear Dry-Erase Paint (30001-02)

Item #: 1725462 | Model #: 30001-02
Writeyboard, 50 Square Feet, 1-Part Clear Dry-Erase Paint (30001-02)
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Product ID: 1725462
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Writeyboard paint revitalizes old dry-erase boards and needs only a single coat

Apply on a Friday, and scribble on your walls on Monday with this quick-drying Writeyboard paint. With only one coat needed, this paint is a value that saves you money and the time involved in adding multiple coats. It's UV resistant to keep your walls bright and vibrant. Covering 50 square feet, this dry erase paint works as a graffiti deterrent when you can just erase any damage done. If you have an old whiteboard, apply a single coat and restore it to save money.

  • 50 sq. ft.
  • UV Resistant
  • Requires only 1 coat
  • Paint on Friday, write on Monday
  • Make an old whiteboard new again
  • The latest graffiti deterrent
  • 10 year warranty
  • Dry-erase paint for the walls in your home or office
  • Covers up to 50 square feet to give you a lot of work space
  • Takes a single coat and dries over a weekend for your convenience
  • UV resistant to keep your walls from fading
  • Revitalizes old whiteboards so you don't need to replace them
  • Deters graffiti when you can just erase unwanted tags
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
Transform any wall in your home, office or facility into a dry erase board using this Writeyboard paint. This clear whiteboard paint doesn't change your wall color but allows you to write on its surface without fear of damage. This dry-erase paint requires only one coat for extra convenience.

Large Surface
Each can of this clear paint contains enough to cover a 50-square-foot area, making it an economical choice for homes with small children with big imaginations and offices that need extra brainstorming space. Because the surface wipes clean, this UV-resistant paint works well in areas prone to graffiti, saving businesses aggravation and money on clean-up costs. Alternatively, use it to encourage artistic expression in your home or business, giving local artists a way to show off their skills to diners and shoppers.

Easy Application
This Writeyboard whiteboard paints doesn't alter the color of your walls, allowing you to use it anywhere you need extra space for sharing ideas or protection against property damage. Just one coat of this paint is all that it takes to cover 50 square feet, and it only requires a 72-hour cure time, so you can make use of its quick-cleaning properties. A 10-year warranty provides added peace of mind in this product's quality.