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Yankauers help bedridden patients clear saliva and other secretions from their mouths. They feature connectors that link to suction machines, which then apply the necessary pressure to suck the liquid from the mouth. Their hollow, uniform, and smooth tube allows secretions to pass through easily.

Universal and Versatile
Choose yankauers that feature a ribbed five-in-one connector to facilitate compatibility with tubes of varying diameters. They can consequently be used with different suction machines without the need to replace. Unlike ordinary tubes, they are tough and durable for prolonged usage, further saving money in the long run. They are also ideal for both continuous and intermittent suctioning.

Quick and Secure
The smooth inner surface of a yankauer ensures that even viscous secretions face minimal resistance when flowing. As such, the clearing process is quickened and the patient saved the trouble of having to wait. The uniformity of the tube also ensures that the secrete flows straight to the suction machine without leaving residue. On the outside, these yankauers have a nonslip handle that ensures it does not fall off when in use to prevent unnecessary interruption.

Many of these yankauers not only feature a smooth and uniform inside for unhindered flow of secrete, but they are also made of a clear and transparent material. This helps the patient and carer monitor the inside of the tube to ensure it remains free of particles and secrete residue. Albeit yankauers do a good job of keeping the mouth clear, other denture care equipment, such as brushes, adhesive, and tablets, can be used to keep the mouth fresh and clean.