Recycled Paper

Printer paper is one of the main products used in many homes and offices, and high-quality recycled paper offers many of the same options as standard paper brands. With many eco-friendly products and brands making their mark in the world of office supplies, it is easy to make small adjustments to your shopping habits and do more for the environment.

Paper That Stands up to any Printing Task
Paper comes in various weights, allowing users to select the ideal option for any project. Recycled options start at 20-pound, the standard measurement for multipurpose printer paper. This is well-suited to copies, text documents and employee forms. Other weight options include 24-pound, 65-pound and 80-pound. The thickest and heaviest type of recycled paper is 100-pound. It is the same weight as many types of manila folders and paper dividers. Options that fall between 20 and 100-pound are popular for documents that include graphics, legal forms, posters and cards.

Paper of Different Colors and Sizes Makes an Impression
White is the most commonly used paper color in many office settings, but it does come in different levels of brightness, allowing professionals to choose how much contrast they want between printed text and paper. The highest level of brightness is 100, with more muted options generally ranging from 92 to 98. If a project calls for colored paper, recycled brands have many of the same color choices as standard paper. Users may opt for off-white colors like sandstone, tan parchment or ivory. Bright color choices include pink and gold.

Those who need standard letter or legal-size paper can find many options. However, larger paper varieties measuring 11 x 17 inches and 12 x 18 inches are also available, letting users choose recycled options for almost any printing task.

Design Options to Suit All Projects
Various design features help you save time on projects. Some types of recycled copy paper are available in three-hole punched form, making them ready for binders and presentations. Those who want a unique feel or appearance to their documents can consider grocery bag paper or antique parchment paper. A number of different finish options are also available, from simple matte paper to high-gloss paper suitable for photos or brochures.

Support the Environment with Recycled Paper
Users can find paper that fits their company's eco-friendly preferences. Some brands mix recycled material with standard paper material for a final product that is 30 percent recycled. Other options use 100 percent recycled materials for their paper, and many companies fall in somewhere in between these figures. All of these options help users become more environmentally friendly.

Bulk Options Streamline Office Ordering
Whether you need a single ream of paper or an entire case, there are ordering options that suit every home and office. The Staples Auto Restock function makes it easy to keep a steady supply in the office at all times. Bulk options are ideal for businesses that print hundreds of pages per day. No matter how much you print, switching to paper made from recycled materials is an eco-friendly choice that maintains the quality of printed documents.