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Yes To Baby Wipes

There are numerous supplies you need to keep your baby healthy and comfortable, and a package of wipes is an essential item. Yes To brand wipes are gentle yet effective to keep your baby clean without using harsh chemicals. There are numerous other brands as well, each with unique benefits. Browse Staples to find baby wipes and all the other essentials for your child.

Choose the Right Wipes for Baby
There are several different varieties of baby wipes so it's easy to find the right fit for your little one. Some parents prefer a lightly-scented wipe whereas others feel a fragrance-free wipe is a better choice, especially for babies with sensitive skin. Wipes should be strong enough to clean effectively without tearing, but soft so that skin doesn't chafe. Some brands include alcohol for disinfecting and some use latex material, but many brands produce alcohol-free and latex-free versions. You may need to try several brands before finding the one that works for your baby, and you might want to switch to a different brand as your baby grows older.

Benefits of Natural Baby Wipes
There are several brands, including Yes To, that make natural baby wipes for parents who don't want to expose their baby to synthetic substances. These are usually hypoallergenic, dermatologist recommended, and pH balanced. They don't contain perfumes, alcohol, parabens or phthalates. Many parents choose them to avoid irritating their baby's skin and for environmental reasons. Some people feel natural wipes are more eco-friendly than traditional ones with synthetic fragrances. Natural wipes are usually made with renewable materials and in processes that don't involve animal testing. It's important to remember that alcohol-free wipes don't sanitize, so if you are looking for a wipe to kill germs, choose a traditional one with alcohol.

Are Wipes Safe To Flush?
Most baby wipes are not safe to flush as they're not designed to break up much like toilet paper. If you want a flushable style, you can choose "training" wipes for toddlers that are specifically designated as flushable.

What Are Other Uses of Baby Wipes?
Most people use wipes primarily when changing diapers and during the toilet training stage. They're also helpful for cleaning up spills and wiping sticky or dirty hands on the go. It's smart to keep a package of baby wipes in the car or along with your child's other items so you can easily clean up even when you aren't around a sink or soap.

Are There Different Package Sizes Available?
Baby wipes are available in a wide variety of packages. Most of the time, individual packages contain anywhere from 20 to 70 wipes. You can buy in bulk and get hundreds of wipes, then take small portions and place them in a dispenser that keeps them moist and easy to access. Portable packages don't require a different container but have a built-in resealing closure to prevent the wipes from becoming dry. These packages are ideal to keep in the car or diaper bag. Shop the large selection at Staples to find the right baby wipes for your family.
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Yes To™ Fragrance Free Baby Face and Nose Wipes, 72 Count (4411103-6-KIT)
Item : IM14L5598 / Model : 4411103-6-KIT
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  • Count: 72
  • Provides moisture for soft skin
  • Banana extract a natural moisturizer derived from the banana fruit
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