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Shredders, Projectors & Office Machines

Take the pain out of general workplace tasks with these convenient shredders and office machines. From telephones to time clocks, you'll find all of the devices you need to run an efficient workplace. Outfit your office with machines from reputable brands such as Brother, Epson, and Acer.

Multifunction Designs
Many of these shredders and office machines have more than one function, so you can make the most of your office space. Choose an all-in-one printer that features a built-in scanner and copier for easier document creation. For engineering firms or accounting businesses, select calculators with graphing functions and on-board printers.

High Performance
Each of these shredders and office machines is designed to operate quickly and efficiently, so you can get through tasks in less time. Wireless projectors connect directly to your office's Wi-Fi router for quick presentation streaming, while many shredders offer continuous run times for more efficient shredding.

Convenient Communication
Streamline your office communications with tools like Bluetooth headsets and PA systems. Enjoy clear sound during conference calls with noise-canceling headsets or advanced speaker phones. With multi-line telephones, you can transfer phone calls to anyone in the office with the push of a button. Beam inventory information to the office network, and stay in touch in the field with handheld mobile terminals, many of which feature built-in bar code scanners. 

Office-Friendly Designs
These office machines are designed to help your company run professionally. Time clocks make it easy to keep track of employees' working hours, ensuring accurate accounting. Create better presentations with large screens and high-definition projectors. With portable speaker systems, you can manage crowds easily during large-scale workplace events taking place in the office or off site.


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