Classroom Clips, Hooks & Magnets

Convenient Organization, Comfort, and SafetyClassroom clips, hooks, and mats and assorted accessories such as boards and timers let you organize your lessons and keep young students alert and learning. Use cork boards for daily reminders and schedules. Hang inspirational signs or subject-themed posters to motivate your students.

Learning Tools
Choose from the varied selection of learning tools, including bulletin boards, chalkboards, time trackers, and other accessories, to enhance the classroom environment and keep your students both interested and alert. Corrugated study panels allow students or groups of students to work on their own tasks without disturbances or distractions. Convenient storage pockets allow you to use a different one for each subject and handily store materials. Use behavior kits and packets to teach students about proper classroom habits for more efficient learning. Encourage positive actions and reward students for achieving tasks and projects.

Classrooms Organization
Colorful hooks help students remember the spots for their book bags and coats. Select from a wide assortment of unique labels to mark each student's assigned seat. Clips allow you to pin daily lesson reminders to bulletin boards or walls.

Reading and Creative Time
For story time or other lessons that involve students sitting on the floor, the wide selection of mats and accessories will keep your young learners comfortable and safe. Use these mats for other floor activities, such as block building or learning to tumble during recess or gym class. These cushioned and easy-to-store mats let your students take chances and improve their physical coordination. For pre-school students, select thicker mats that make the perfect surface for nap time.