Construct the Perfect Presentation Handout with These Tips

Get important messages across in a visually appealing handout.

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As the owner of a growing small business, you've likely been tasked with presenting to prospective clients and partners. In addition to slide decks, presentation handouts let you get important messages across in a visually appealing method.

A number of tips can help you create perfect presentation handouts, whether you're trying to impart key information to your employees, explain complicated metrics to investors or deliver a marketing brochure to interested customers.

Crafting Effective Handouts

An effective presentation relies on a combination of verbal and visual cues designed to deliver information and minimize confusion. Small businesses must constantly create such presentations to keep their employees and investors on top of events as they occur. Many presentation tips can help you save time and money when crafting handouts. Saving money during the initial creation step and avoiding common pitfalls can help your company's bottom line.

At one time, handouts required either an in-house or professional print team. While these may still be useful for big projects, many small businesses can rely on small print centers to help save money or print their projects themselves on modern printers. Presentation tips for cost-effective modern printing include using the right paper for the job and understanding the qualities of your printer or print service.

It's All in the Presentation

Heavier papers with high brilliance ratings produce crisp, clear handouts that last for some time. Printers typically work best with one specific type of paper, and multipurpose papers may cause smudges or blurry images. Common fonts and simple text can effectively communicate the written portion of the handout. Handouts created by following these tips deliver written information in a simple fashion and use images to illustrate more difficult concepts — making for the perfect presentation.

Other tips involve recovering the costs of additional printing services and materials. Entrepreneurs should combine handouts for marketing purposes with other brand-building campaign events. The use of fliers or brochures at events sponsored by the company or trade shows can dramatically increase exposure and provide a more lasting impression on potential customers or business partners. You can also increase camaraderie among business peers by passing along your presentation tips and secrets. The increase in business from the use of these handouts should help offset the tens to hundreds of dollars involved in their creation.

Getting the Most from Your Handout

Remember to use quality paper that is suitable for your printer or printing service when you create handouts. You can save costs by creating images, charts, tables and other graphics in-house; make sure that only skilled artists or knowledgeable employees work on these elements, however. Unclear data or unprofessional graphics may cause your handouts to have the opposite of the desired effect, costing you money or customers instead of generating the same.

Presentation tips can only take you so far when creating the perfect handout. Trial-and-error is a continual process and a major component of marketing and small business operation. Invest only what you can afford in presentation materials, and always budget for potential mishaps to keep your business and assets safe during this process.