5 Tips for a Brand Messaging Refresh in the New Year

Could your brand messaging use a refresher? Now is a great time to update it.

It's a new year, and it may be time to take your business in a new direction by refreshing your brand messaging.

Many companies have been launching new logos, changing their names and sharing headline-making brand images. Whether you've discovered new products and passions or tapped into evolving customer preferences, business owners can use small changes to their marketing strategy to update their image, connect with customers and beat the competition.

If you think now is the time to update your brand messaging and image, here are five tips to consider:

1. Align Your Brand Promise With Your Customers
Any change to your brand updates your promise to customers. Your brand messaging conveys who you are, what you do and whom you serve. The right messaging helps you connect with eager customers, while the wrong messaging could drive away your biggest fans.

Before you rebrand your business (whether you're refining your entire value proposition or just shining up your logo), think about what your ideal customers want. Test your idea with a small segment of customers in one-on-one conversations or a small focus group. It takes time to build a strong brand and develop trust, but you can undo it all in an instant. Be thoughtful about brand changes, and make sure they bring you closer to your customer.

2. Shake Up Your Visual Presentation
As your services and team's knowledge evolve with the market, your visual identity might not always keep up. Business owners often wake up and wonder how their website, logo or even color palette suddenly became outdated. Focusing on your company's visual identity and presentation adds new dimension to your brand. Just remember that rebranding is more than just a new logo — it's about finding a visual identity that excites customers and represents who you are.

3. Update Your Digital Presence
Today, your online brand is your brand. Ensure that any update in brand messaging is reflected on your website. But don't stop there. Keep all your digital properties — from your social media accounts to blogs where you publish — consistent. Every time a customer interacts with you online, they should have a similar experience. To ensure this, spend time updating all your digital touch points with your latest logo, messaging and colors.

4. Don't Overlook Your Physical Space
If your company has a physical location, the rebrand should carry through to that space. For example, if it's time to modernize stale branding, think about how minimalist furniture and signage could help bring the brand alive for employees and customers. If you're adding some spice to show more personality, choose bright and innovative storage solutions and encourage your team to personalize their desks.

5. Engage Your Employees
Employees live your brand every day and embody it in the market. Get employees excited about brand changes and engage them to ensure they can explain what's driving the change, in a positive way, to customers and partners. Give them business cards, swag with your new logo and the updated company templates so they can show off the brand everywhere.

Your messaging does the heavy lifting of letting customers get to know you. To update your brand, focus on aligning your digital space, your physical locations, your culture and your messaging. An updated brand and direction can open the door to new opportunities, customers and profits.