5 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness With a Monthly Newsletter

Here are five ways to leverage a monthly newsletter.

Attracting new prospective buyers and reengaging with your existing customer base requires constant outreach.

If you're not already doing it, now's the time to consider launching a monthly newsletter. A newsletter keeps your brand front and center with customers, while making it easy to share the latest news, product information and promotions. Follow these five tips to create a newsletter that stands out and represents your business:

1. Showcase Your Visual Identity
Your company newsletter should clearly demonstrate the business's visual identity. That includes the logo, color scheme, font choices and other signature elements that people associate with your company.

Find ways to incorporate these characteristics into your newsletter design in order to increase brand awareness and ensure that readers immediately recognize that the newsletter comes from your business. Make sure each edition is consistent with the graphic design and look of your website, business cards and letterhead.

2. Decide How to Send It
There are two main ways to send a newsletter: physically or digitally. A digital newsletter can be sent using software such as MailChimp, Aweber or Infusionsoft. Each newsletter is based on a template, and you can upload content to be sent on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

However, emails can only be sent to customers and individuals who have opted in to your mailing list, so many growing companies also produce a physical newsletter. Physical newsletters can be printed and sent to addresses on your customer, third-party and community mailing lists to more widely increase brand awareness in your region.

3. Create Content That Showcases Your Expertise
Think about why a customer would read your newsletter. In short, it should provide them some value in the form of timely information, useful tips or exclusive content. Don't just focus your content on company news such as new hires or product releases.

Your company has a unique point of view on your industry, so use it to share helpful information with customers. For example, a computer repair store might create an article with tips for increasing cybersecurity. Use the questions your customers are asking — as well as seasonal hooks that relate to your business — to think of topics that are likely to engage them.

4. Offer a Clear Discount or Call to Action
A monthly newsletter can increase awareness of your brand and get your customers up to speed with your latest offerings. In addition, it can be an opportunity to get customers to take action when you offer an exclusive discount or call to action.

For instance, a personal trainer might offer a discount on one session, or a financial planner might invite readers to sign up for a complimentary consultation. You want to make it easy for readers to take the next step and patronize your business.

5. Connect Customers With Your Other Channels
Today's brand experience happens on many different marketing channels: in person, on your website and via social media, to name a few. Every customer has different preferences about how they like to connect with brands. Create a space on your website to easily share contact information. Make sure your business phone number, email, website and links to key social channels are highly visible. Consider offering an incentive when people connect with you. For example, if you're mailing a physical newsletter, offer a 10 percent-off discount or exclusive e-book for people who sign up for email newsletters.

Marketing starts with strategic outreach. A monthly newsletter is easy to produce and can attract new customers to your brand.