How to Choose a Wireless Printer for a Mobile Small Business

Know what features support your small business mobility.

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Smartphones, laptops and tablets have made it easy to work from anywhere. But to be truly efficient, you also need the option of printing easily and conveniently from outside the office.

The good news is that printer capabilities are catching up to the needs of the on-the-move workforce. Smart, streamlined and secure, today’s mobile-friendly printers support your work and the needs of your small business team.

Wireless Printing

The need to plug in to a printer connection can hinder productivity. It’s inconvenient to transfer documents to a connected device before hitting “print,” especially since most employees are working off laptops with no wired printer connection.

Choose a wireless printer that allows you to print from anywhere and from any device. Look for a cloud or Bluetooth feature for easy printing and a means of sharing documents with team members in other locations. For instance, print a document for yourself before a presentation and email it to your team so they have the latest version.

Also, look for a printer that provides an app you can download to manage your printer tasks. For example, use an app with the option to create shortcuts that make repetitive printing tasks faster and more streamlined.

Robust Scanning

Look for a printer that not only has a scanning feature included, but also allows you to easily send those scans wherever they need to be stored. Some printers include apps that let you create shortcuts to send scanned documents to a designated location — a printer, a cloud storage location, an email address or an application.

This capability saves a step and helps you keep up with document sharing, filing and storage when you’re working outside the office. For example, if you need copies of receipts for bookkeeping, you can scan and upload those materials and have your printer sync up with your accounting software. Or, if you update a document with comments, you can add this version to a shared document location so that your team has access to it. In addition, a search function for documents you’ve scanned will help you quickly find them whenever you need to.

Connectivity Monitoring

Staying connected to your printer means quickly producing the documents you need for yourself, your team or your partners. A last-minute connection issue that prevents you from printing as planned can create a stressful and disruptive situation.

Look for a printer that automatically detects connection issues and works to resolve them right away. Even if the printer cannot always resolve the issue without your involvement, being alerted to a connection issue keeps you on track and working productively.

Updates and Conveniences

A printer that is unexpectedly out of ink can bring work to a grinding halt. Select printers that send alerts when a machine is low or out of ink. These notifications allow you to replace the ink or make adjustments to your schedule while there is still time.

Also consider mobile-friendly printer features that mirror what you use in your personal life. Some printers can be activated hands free by working with voice-operated systems such as Google Assistant.


Even a security-savvy company might not realize that its printers are vulnerable to cyberattack. But it does happen; cybercriminals have infiltrated business printers in the past by accessing the printers’ networks.

Find a printer that provides robust security features that protect your business’s confidential information, whether it’s being printed, scanned, faxed or transferred to storage. Ensure that you’ll be notified by the manufacturer of any security vulnerabilities as soon as they’re discovered.

Finding a printer that supports your small business in its mobile demands can make a big difference in productivity and convenience. Look for the mobile-friendly, security-rich features that will let you print, stay in touch and succeed.