Raise Your Company Profile With an Awareness Campaign

Promote like a real pro.

It’s an election year, and political campaign season is in full swing. But for businesses, it’s always the right time to run a profile-raising campaign. Whether you’re launching a new product, opening an additional location, hosting an event or just want to highlight your business in a different way, a marketing campaign can lead to a surge of interest from existing customers and prospects alike.


Successfully building buzz through an awareness campaign may require some fresh marketing materials. Use the following ideas to quickly and easily create a campaign that gives people new reasons to come to your business.



Signs can grab attention and boost awareness. Use an A-frame (sandwich board) and yard signs to promote upcoming events or announce new locations. Try foam board and snap-frame signs in your office or business location to showcase a new offering or promotion.


The best way to make a big impact with your signs is to keep your words to a minimum in favor of eye-catching graphics and your logo. For roadside or yard signs, make sure copy is big enough to be readable by anyone driving by them.  



Flyers are a great — and portable — way to share updates about new offerings, special sales and more. Place a stack of flyers in your reception area or near checkout, pass them out at events and include them in product shipments, shopping bags and mailings.


Keep your flyer layouts clean and scannable by using only one or two images and putting your copy in bulleted lists that are easy to read. Include a limited-time special offer to build interest and a sense of urgency. It’s also a good idea to stick with one to three colors in your design so it doesn’t look too busy. Get a head start by choosing a flyer template and customizing it to meet your needs.



Posters are ideal for display windows, sales floors, reception areas and conference rooms. They provide the perfect place to celebrate the object of your campaign or trumpet a new tagline. They can be printed on paper, poster board, foam board or as adhesive posters that stick to any flat surface, indoors or out.


This is a format that requires a large, bold message — something eye-catching that motivates the viewer to read more. Instead of trying to share every campaign detail, use your poster to point to a place where your audience can get more information, like an easy-to-remember website, phone number or email address.



Banners can be used indoors and outdoors to spread the word about grand openings, special sales or celebrations of any kind. Use banner stands to draw attention to display tables and trade show booths. Hanging banners outside your business and at community events is also essential to getting the word out about your campaign.


Choose your banner material based on where you plan to display it. Indoor banners can be lightweight, and outdoor banners can be printed on heavier fabrics that stand up to wind and bad weather.


As you design your materials, keep in mind that consistency is king when it comes to campaigning. Stay true to your brand guidelines across everything you create, using the same colors, logo, fonts and other design elements.

And don’t forget that you can jumpstart your work by beginning with design templates that you can customize to create your own unique materials.


Kick off a campaign for your business with help from your print and marketing partners at Staples.