Update Your Business Marketing for a Strong Start to the Year

Use the tips below to guide the kickoff of your 2020 marketing efforts.

Many people start the new year with fresh goals and energy to get things done. This makes January a great time to reach out to prospects and customers with a message about what you offer. Grab their attention now and you’ll be top of mind as they move forward with their 2020 purchases.


To increase your chances of success, review your existing company marketing pieces. You may just need a refresh to increase the wow-factor, or it may be time to consider new types of outreach. Either way, professional, creative materials will help you start off the year right.

Use the tips below to guide the kickoff of your 2020 marketing efforts.


Finesse your flyers

In today’s fast-paced business climate, you have only a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. That means your flyers need to be eye-catching and easy to process. Keep your design clean by relying on one or two carefully selected images that reinforce your words. Avoid long paragraphs in favor of short sentences and bulleted lists. Use only one or two fonts for the most professional look. Be sure to spell out what you’d like readers to do next, like visit your website, download your app, call or come to your store.


Beef up your brochures

Use a catchy headline and compelling image on your brochure cover to entice people to open and read more. Inside, include design elements like charts, graphics and callout quotes to add visual energy and draw attention to the most important information on the page. Use your text to shine a spotlight on how you help your customers achieve goals and solve problems. Avoid acronyms and industry catch-phrases to make your message easy to understand. Share just enough detail to make readers want to learn more and then tell them how to reach you.


Bolster your business cards

When was the last time evaluated your business card to be sure it is supporting your goals? An effective business card should feature a small, but readable font for company contact information. If you’re an active social media user, go ahead and add your handles. Otherwise, leave them out. A short tagline or slogan also makes sense, just be sure its explanatory to remind someone of what you offer. Print your cards on heavy card stock to reinforce your professionalism and consider embossing and special finishes to add a touch of elegance.


Whichever materials you decide to work on, be sure all of your marketing elements share a consistent look and feel.  Use the same colors, fonts, taglines, logos and images across all designs.


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