Building Your Business

Growing a small business brings challenges and rewards. Explore the topics below to become a business-building expert.


Your Customers Are Mobile — Are You?

Small businesses: How easily can your customers find and interact with you through their mobile devices? Four questions to consider.

Tactics for Personalizing Customer Outreach With Print

Personalization can turn one-time customers into repeat buyers. Add these tactics to your marketing efforts.

Boost Your Customer Service Strategy With Data Analytics Tools

Data analytics tools aren't just a luxury for large corporations. These three tools are specifically tailored to small businesses, and can remove some headaches from your customer service strategy.

How to Conduct Market Research Through Focus Groups

Learning how to conduct market research can help you grow your business. Here's what you need to know about focus groups.

Small Business Week: 5 Ways to Celebrate

National Small Business Week is closer than you think! Here are five ways to market your business and take part.

7 Press Coverage Strategies for Small Business

Press coverage strategies can introduce your brand to thousands of potential customers in an unbiased way. Here are seven tips to help your small business make headlines.

How to Diversify Client Relations to Reduce Risk in Your Business

Learning how to diversify your customer base and client relations is a must if you want to reduce risk in your business.

3 Customer Self-Service Tools That Help Clients Help Themselves

By using self-service tools, SMBs can both increase customer satisfaction and optimize employees' time.