A well-stocked breakroom

4 Ways the Breakroom Can Make or Break Your Office

How can employers leverage the breaks of a bygone era to ensure productivity?

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Imagine a bustling office. Where do most of the employees interact with each other outside of structured meetings? There's a reason "watercooler talk" and coffee breaks are ubiquitous in office culture; however, with a staggering 48% of Americans saying they can't take a break, that standby might be fading. What's the impact, and how can employers leverage the breaks of a bygone era to ensure productivity?

Taking a break can actually make workers more productive. While it seems counterintuitive, taking breaks as often as every hour (or more specifically, every 52 minutes) has been scientifically proven to boost productivity. Employers and workers alike seem to recognize this: 76% agree that taking breaks increases productivity, and 36% agree that a well-stocked breakroom can positively impact productivity. But there's more to a balanced workplace than productivity…

Breaks can help bust the burnout blues. If employees are burned out, it can be difficult to manage productivity, wellness, loyalty and a host of other important issues that affect your business and bottom line. Of the employees suffering from burnout (more than half of those surveyed), one in five say they're burned out because of the lack of opportunity to take a break. Stocking up the breakroom? 57% say that would result in happier employees. And in addition to happier employees…

The breakroom can be a hot spot for healthier employees. It's a simple equation: the healthier your employees are, the healthier your bottom line is. Workplace wellness initiatives can lower insurance costs and reduce sick days, and a healthy breakroom goes hand-in-hand with workplace wellness. Among employees who prioritize workplace wellness, 32% are looking for healthy snacks. And if you're looking out for what potential employees are looking for…

Your breakroom can help you attract and retain top talent. As Millennials fast become the dominant demographic in the workforce, employers are scrambling to figure out what this generation of younger workers want when they're looking for their next place of employment. While there's no one "magic bullet," the new generation of workers professed a preference for perks like free snacks, free coffee, and a better breakroom.

The breakroom might seem like the bastion of a bygone era, but workers have made it clear they're feeling the loss. Investing in a better breakroom is just one way you can invest in your employees, with a host of benefits, including increased productivity, reduced burnout, healthier employees and better retention.

Statistics courtesy of the Staples Business Advantage Workplace Index, unless otherwise linked or cited.