Colleagues eating lunch

Breakroom Etiquette Breakdown

With all the time you spend in the office, your coworkers are like your family. But do you fight like family, too? Where the breakroom is concerned, the answer is probably YES.

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Today's blog features a customer guest blogger taking a long, hard look at the funny faux pas and passive-aggressive behaviors that being in close quarters at the office (or in the breakroom) seems to bring out in all of us. In fact, some people feel SO strongly about their office breakroom that we've changed our blogger's name to protect the innocent. Take it away, "Betty Breakroom!"

Think about how much time you spend at the office. All in all, you're probably at your office 5 days a week, for 9 or 10 hours a day. That's more time than some of us get to spend with our families! So our coworkers become our surrogate family, or even our crabby, quirky roommates. We talk to each other about our kids, our pets, our personal lives, even our health problems and heartbreaks. But when it comes to communicating about the small stuff, communication in the office breaks down. And when it breaks down, it breaks way down.

Did someone walk away without making a pot of coffee? People are more likely to grouse about it behind their back than ask them nicely.

Is your cubemate leaving a mess every time she makes a sandwich in the breakroom? Mention it to her! Or do what my mystery coworker did and design yourself a passive-aggressive note… complete with protective cover so it doesn't get ruined!

Did someone eat your lunch? Okay, that deserves an epic rant, and no one should stand in your way, least of all me.

So what are the worst breakroom offenses you've bitten your tongue and stayed silent about? Are YOU a passive-aggressive note writer? Need to confess a lifetime career as a lunch thief? Get it off your chest, and make the breakroom a place to rest and relax again! You'll feel better once you do!

"Betty Breakroom" is a jack-of-all –trades problem solver at an airport in the Midwest. She enjoys personalizing her office space, looking at the lighter side of office life, and laughing at the latest laminated laws posted in the breakroom.