Are Employees Burned Out, Happy… Or Both?

How many hours do you spend at work each day? How many days each week? The Staples Advantage Workplace Index was released today, with some not-so-surprising results: workers are working longer...

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How many hours do you spend at work each day? How many days each week? The recent Staples Business Advantage Workplace Index found workers are working longer hours, and more weekends than ever. But there is some surprising news: they seem to be happy despite this change.

Of the thousands of workers who responded, 53% reported feeling burned out, with a variety of reasons contributing to the feeling, including inflexible schedules, no breaks, clunky technology and too many emails. It's a complicated mix, and digging into the survey's results reveals women experience different pressures than men, millennials prioritize different workplace perks than their older colleagues, and there are a lot of things that might make your employees start hunting for a new opportunity.

So if there's so much going wrong, how and why are employees happy? While the data does explore some reasons, experts hint at a more basic (and possibly more discouraging) reason. "My thought is that workers have accepted the new reality of the workplace," said Dan Schawbel of "A lot of them are just happy to have a job in general."

So what can employers do to capitalize on the things that ensure employee engagement and job loyalty, and what can they do to help prevent burnout? Over the next several months, we'll be digging deep into the data for those answers (and more insights) here on Vantage Point and on Twitter. Follow us and join the #workplaceindex conversation!