Incorporate more movement into your workday

Sit Less, Stand More

Learn how to work more motion into your day to combat the detrimental effects of sitting.

Too many hours sitting at your desk can be detrimental in a number of ways—your health, your morale, your productivity. With wellness more top-of-mind than ever for many employers and employees alike, we wondered how the average employee works more motion into their day to combat the effects of sitting for six or more hours a day. So we turned to our customers (and Twitter) to ask people how they tried to keep moving during their workday:

Go out of your way – Many respondents said they take the stairs when they need to go to another floor, or they park farther away from the office to add more steps at the start and finish of their day.

Make your furniture work for youMixing work and play and having adaptable furniture options are big trends in workplace design right now, and workers are starting to feel it: several respondents said they have alternative work stations with standing desks, treadmill desks, or physio balls. (Want to know how to make the most of a standing desk? Check out this article.)

Pencil it in – With our Workplace Index finding that people are experiencing meeting overload, you're probably looking to cut down on meetings or change up the ones you have. Instead of a conference call, physically meet with your coworkers and take a walk. And there are good meetings to add to your calendar, too: it might seem like an extreme measure, but scheduling stretch breaks (with reminders) works for our customers, and there are even apps that remind you to take a break and stretch!

Increase your intake – This had to be my favorite… our customers are crafty when it comes to tricking themselves into taking a few steps away from the computer. One of our respondents said "drink lots of water, which will make you have to get up and go to the restroom more frequently". But our friends over on Twitter had a take that combined movement with one of our favorite productivity tools:


"Relative frequency" sounds like a nice way to admit you have a coffee addiction!

No matter what your methods are for getting up and moving throughout the day, there are very real benefits: with musculoskeletal problems racking up one-third of work-disrupting injuries, ergonomics and how we treat our bodies while we work are a very big deal.

Now, why are you sitting here reading? Don't you have a stretch break to take?