Customize Your Cube With These 3 Tips

It's National Cubicle Day! Across the globe, this fundamental piece of office furniture has gone through a lot of changes over many years.

It's National Cubicle Day! Across the globe, this fundamental piece of office furniture has gone through a lot of changes over many years. High walls, low walls, no walls, from being eliminated completely in favor of open space to being re-embraced by folks who longed for privacy, the cubicle is undoubtedly something most office workers know and have strong feelings about. But no matter what your feelings about your cubicle, it's your space in your office—so what are some easy ways to customize the space where you spend so many hours of your week? Here are 3 tips, with inspiration from our National Decorating Month blog and Michelle Boolton, Director of Design for Staples Business Advantage Workplace Studios!

Declutter – The same way this held true for sprucing up your office, it holds true for your cubicle! Despite varying opinions on what a messy desk means, if you're looking to personalize your cubicle and make it your own, start by getting organized. From fun filing systems to adding a splash of color to storage, you can organize while adding a bit of personal flair to the space you call your own at the office. "What you have in your cube is a reflection of you," reminds Michelle. 


Decorate – Odds are, you have pictures or artwork hanging in your cubicle. When's the last time you updated those pieces? "What I should do is refresh my own artwork," says Michelle with a laugh. If your kid is now taking AP English courses in high school but the pictures in your cubicle show a chubby-cheeked four-year-old, you might consider updating your photos or even adding new to the old to create a timeline.  Don't want to puncture your pictures with pins or mar them with tape? Consider using unique frames or adding a dash of fun with colorful cubicle clips to hold them.


Detail – As with your entire office, accessorizing and using the details to customize your space can be key. No matter how long you've been at your job, your cubicle can quickly become a mishmash of hand-me-downs and items that say nothing about you. "We get so busy with the work that ten years go by and we have the same things in our space," says Michelle. "It might be time to retire that troll doll and think about accessories that speak to who you are today." Thankfully, office supplies have caught up to the times, and it's easier than ever to accessorize to your tastes with items that are both personal and functional.


So what are you doing to own your cubicle and make it yours this National Cubicle Day?

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