Thank You, Admins!

Today's all about the people who keep our offices running smoothly. Enjoy these tips, tricks and fun blogs!

Each year, Administrative Professionals' Day gives businesses and professionals the chance to stop and take a day to recognize one of the biggest things that helps power their success throughout the year: admins. They have many names: Office Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Office Coordinator, Office Superhero... and they have many duties, too. In recognition of administrative professionals everywhere and all they do, we've rounded up six quick reads to give them tips, tricks and fun content for their big day.

How to Get Credit for Your Work – Sure, on Admin's Day, everyone recognizes the hard work that you do. But how can you get credit for all that you do throughout the year? Talent expert Meghan M. Biro draws the map to navigating those tricky office politics.

The Admin Emergency Kit – Wait, you got asked for what? People expect the strangest things from their admins, from keeping them prepared for meetings to keeping their clothes clean (yes, really). Here's a list of must-haves that prepared admins told us they keep on-hand at all times.

Why Smart Tech Can't Replace Your Admin – You're irreplaceable, and everyone knows it. But the big boom of artificial intelligence has the potential to change the administrative world in a big way... so how can it help admins do their job better without being a replacement?

5 Time-Saving Tip & Tricks for Excel – Dreaming of spreadsheets when you close your eyes? The least Excel can do is shave a few minutes of busy work off your day, right? Here are a few tips and tricks you might not know to help you breeze through those rows and columns faster.

How to Create Your Ultimate Admin Workspace – When you wear as many hats as the office administrator, you need a workspace that allows you to be adaptable, organized and accessible. Our design experts weigh in on what makes the ultimate productivity space for a busy admin.

How YOU Want to Celebrate Admin's Day – And last, but not least, Admin's Day is all about YOU. So how do real-life admins say they want to celebrate? Email this infographic to your team or print it out on the sly to leave a hint... here's just a few ways to truly say "thank you" to the admins who keep the business running smoothly.

We can't thank you enough, and we know that administrative professionals should be recognized and thanked all year round. If you're interested in more content like this throughout the year, consider signing up for the Winning@Work newsletter!