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What's Your Office Personality? Part 2

A while ago, we asked you about your office personality, giving examples of just a few of the colorful colleagues we see in the office every day to see if you felt any described you or your officemate

A while ago, we asked you about your office personality, giving examples of just a few of the colorful colleagues we see in the office every day to see if you felt any described you—or your officemates! But the variety of people you run into during the course of your professional life is much broader than what we included in our first round. Didn't see yourself as any of those personalities? Try these on for size.

Office Personality - Delegator

The  Delegator – On paper, this guy or gal has a lot going on, but The Delegator has perfected the art of saying "yes" while meaning "no," passing tasks off to others in rapid-fire fashion, all while building an empire of crowdsourced accomplishments. While this might be frustrating for the people who end up taking on the work, there are valuable time management lessons to be learned from The Delegator, evaluating what needs to be done now, what someone else can help with, and what you should push back on—and that includes saying no to this yes-man.

Office Personality - Fitness Fiend

The Fitness Fiend – It's hard not to love, hate and envy this archetype of athleticism who comes into the office with a duffel bag full of workout clothes, a protein shake, and a story about the weekend's Tough Mudder competition. This energetic employee spends lunch hour in the gym, jogging the office park, or even taking the parking garage stairs two at a time when the weather's bad. But the best thing about the Fiend is that they don't judge your couch potato ways: they'll be the first to cheer you on when you decide to take your afternoon meeting outside for a walk around the building.

Office Personality - Diet Diva

The Diet Diva – Close relative of The Fitness Fiend, the office Diet Diva is on a gluten-free, low-carb, all-natural path to productivity, and he or she is more than happy to tell you all about it. From the eyebrow-raising concoction they're carrying around in their thermos to the War and Peace-length labels on the back of their yogurt, it's all part of a carefully researched plan to give them the most oomph in their day. But even if you're going to pass on their recommended cayenne cleanse, this colleague is likely to be the one most on top of the trends and willing to think outside the box.

Office Personality - Culinary Enabler

The Culinary Enabler – Nemesis of the Diet Diva, the Culinary Enabler shows up in every office. Whether it's Reva in IT who keeps a dish of candy on her desk or Harry in Maintenance who bakes incredible cupcakes, this well-meaning soul shows up in every office to make sure you've had your daily treat and have enough pep to get through the rest of your day. The best thing about the Culinary Enabler, other than those amazing cookies from last week… He or she truly understands the revitalizing value of a break and a snack.

Office Personality - Jittery Germophobe

The Jittery Germophobe – This hand sanitizer addict can be found in almost every office. They kick into high gear every flu season, and odds are, they're terrified of the goodies brought in by your office Culinary Enabler. The Jittery Germophobe hears every cough, sneeze and sniffle in the office, and they've come prepared with hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and other germ-fighting tools. It's a little disarming to see them stand up and glare over their cubicle when that telltale ah-choo echoes across the office, but considering how much money illness costs businesses each year, this anxious employee is smart to play it safe.

Do any of these personalities sound like your cubemate or manager? Or does one of these sounds like you? If you missed our first round of office personalities, you can find them here, and if none of these ring a bell, tell us all about you and your coworkers in the comments!