How Print Presentations Fuel Business Success

Studies show 88% of people retain information better when read on paper. Here's how you can use print to benefit your business.

With all the attention paid to digital marketing, it’s easy to forget about the power of print, but research shows that 88% of people retain information better when they see it on paper.


A smart, well-thought-out print presentation can make a strong impression on prospects, customers, partners and others. See how to create eye-catching, inspirational presentations with these tips.


Finesse the format

A well-designed presentation can tell the story of how you help customers succeed or what makes your company stand out. To create a compelling document, apply a consistent layout to your pages and use the same fonts, colors and branding as your other marketing pieces. Choose a design that makes details easy for your audience to scan and absorb — bullet points, arrows and checkmarks work well.


Use sidebars or callout boxes to feature customer testimonials or accolades you’ve received. Remember to add your logo and contact details to the footer or last page so anyone who sees the presentation knows how to reach you.


Use images to sell

Images really do have a bigger emotional impact than words. A design based around eye-catching imagery can instantly make an impression and convey the high quality of your work.


Gather photos or images that showcase your specialties or convey your competence. Make sure to leave room on the page for lively explanations or context for any images you use. For example, a bakery’s photo of a fabulous cake can have sales copy about the huge variety of cake shapes it offers. Images in a client presentation can communicate the hard work that went into a project via easy-to-read flowcharts or completed to-do list images. Avoid using too many items on a single page or it may start to look cluttered. One or two images should do it.


Up your game

Whether you’re creating a sales pitch, a client progress update or a presentation for investors, go the extra mile and make a bound copy of your work. This extra, but easy, step communicates that you strive for quality in everything you do. Choose spiral binding to make it easy to flip through, or try book-style binding for an ultra-finished appearance. If you want the ability to easily add or remove parts of the presentation, go for a three-ring binder. Regardless of the format you settle on, use premium paper to give your final product a rich feel.


For more ideas and inspiration, stop by Staples and speak with a knowledgeable Print & Marketing Services associate.