Video: Newfangled Offices Healthy & Safe Initiative Redesign

Watch how Staples helped re-concept Newfangled’s office space in a safer design for their return to work.


Staples is ingrained in my business and has been since day one, I'm Macaela Vandermost. I'm the founder and executive creative director of Newfangled Studios before the pandemic our office was really cool and open and funky, but was definitely way too open for the current climate to bring my employees back. My main concern is the health and safety of my employees. If they were going to come back in here, I needed to show them that I was dedicated to making sure that they could feel safe in the space.

And so I really needed to find a partner who could help me from the very seed of the idea all the way through the installation. And who really knew their stuff? I mean, who knows offices better than Staples. At Staples we like to really get to know our clients and we want to understand what their business does and how they work on a daily basis. From there, we're able to understand how the space needs to function and how the furniture can help with that.

To me, good design is not just function, not just style. It's finding the intersection of the two. And that's really what Staples helped me do. We found pieces of furniture that are beautiful, but that also help to block noise, have standing or sitting features for, you know, ergonomics that are functional in terms of their flexibility. You can move them around, some are on wheels. I feel like what Staples did is not only help me find the right pieces of furniture that fit the space and would look good, but find the pieces of furniture that are going to make the space function the way that it needs to.

My favorite part of what I do is being able to walk in on the final day of install and see an office space that has just completely transformed. I was blown away. It was so stylish, so beautiful. I felt so proud that this is my office. I feel like it really impacts our morale in a really positive way. Contact your Staples representative to get started today.