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Office Design

Ready to completely overhaul your office space? Or just looking to make some small improvements? Find some design inspiration to bring into your workplace.


Overcome Collaboration Killers in Your Workspace

Ineffective workplace design paired with stubborn habits can make teamwork difficult; here’s how to bring people together.

How to Get the Most From Your Healthcare Furniture Purchases

Buying the right healthcare furniture can lead to better-equipped waiting rooms, exam rooms and other facilities. Learn what to look for when purchasing new healthcare furniture items.

Gaming Chairs: The Hot New Office Trend

Video game chairs are no longer just for the house. Gaming chairs have made their way into offices — here’s why.

To Sit or Stand? Deciding to Invest in Adjustable Desks

More companies are going all-in on adjustable desks. Should yours?

Put Your Open Office to Work With the Right Furniture and Technology

Maximize productivity and energize employees with these five tactics.

Survive an Office Renovation With These Tactics

An office renovation project is a big undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. These tips can help you stay on track.

How to Do “Resimercial” Office Design Right

To attract and keep good employees, companies are making work look more like home. Learn how to get “resimercial” right.

What’s Next for the Workplace? A Focus on Employee Needs

Workplaces are focusing on adaptable, efficient spaces that promote worker wellness. Here are the latest trends.