3 Easy Ideas for Organizing Your Cords

It's easy to get lost in a tangle of cords and cables. Here are three easy ideas for organizing your cords and keeping things streamlined in the office.

Organizing the tangle of cords running through your office is one of the unglamorous — yet essential — tasks of today's tech-dependent world. Whether you're figuring out a way to streamline your technology setup for travel or looking for solutions to make your workspace as uncluttered as possible, keeping your cables in order is key. Here are a three useful ideas for organizing your cords, so you can always find what you need: 1. Consolidate (and Eliminate) the Extraneous Cords In the not-too-distant past, every device needed its own charger and connection cable. By the time you factor in laptops, smartphones, tablets, headphones and anything else you're using on a regular basis, it can feel like you're always hauling around a bundle of cables. Therefore, the first step you should take when organizing your cords is eliminating and consolidating. To begin, ask the following questions:

  • Does each device need its own charger, or can similar products (e.g., Apple products or those that use a USB mini-cable) share cords and chargers?
  • Can using features such as Bluetooth or wireless connections help to eliminate unnecessary cables?
  • Are gadgets such as Insten's Wireless Charger Adapter Pads an option for your office's technology setup?

By eliminating the cords you don't need and looking for universal solutions that can serve multiple devices, you'll reduce the number of chargers, connectors and other cables that you routinely need to organize. 2. Implement Top Tricks for Your Office Setup Setting up your workspace for maximum efficiency makes it easier to focus. From power cords to connecting cords, you can easily end up with a dozen different cables cluttering your workspace. Once you've determined which wires are strictly necessary, look for devices to help you shorten and store them together. Options include:

  • Cord concealing solutions like the D-Line Medium Duty Floor Cable Cover let you hide cords in plain sight, so you have everything you need on hand but aren't constantly tripping over loose cords.
  • Cable twisters like the Monoprice Spiral Wrapping Band, which wraps around multiple cords that plug into the same area, allowing you to bundle numerous cables into a smaller space.
  • Cable box solutions that keep the cords coming into and out of your computer — or into a power station — out of sight by threading the cables through and keeping them inside.

3. Have a Solution for When You're On the Go Busy professionals also need solutions to manage their cords while they're on the go. Stuffing all of your chargers and wires into the pocket of a briefcase or suitcase isn't efficient — and it's the recipe for leaving behind a vital cable when you're on the move. Follow these tips to make sure your cords stay organized (and knot-free) when you're traveling:

  • Use small cable labels like Dotz Cord Identifiers that let you quickly note what each cord is for, so they can be identified at a glance.
  • Use cord rollers to compress individual cables and prevent them from becoming tangled while they're packed away.
  • Use a dedicated bag or box to store cords and cables to guarantee you'll always know where to find them and put them away.

Keeping your cords organized makes it easier to stay productive by ensuring that your workspace is uncluttered and your key cords are always on hand. Determine which scenarios you need to plan for and then get creative with ideas for organizing your technology setup.