4 Office Organization Tips for a Less Stressful Year

Four can't-miss tips to help your office de-clutter and find focus this year.

Office organization is about more than just looking good — getting rid of clutter can actually lower stress and help you think more clearly, according to Psychology Today.

Clutter and disorder can creep in slowly until they take over, making it harder to focus (or even find what you're looking for!). Just about every workplace needs an organizational revamp every once in awhile. Here are a few ideas for sweeping out the distracting mess.

1. Declare a Decluttering and Digitizing Day

It's easier to organize a space that's been purged of nonessentials. Suggest an hour — at the end of the week, or after a big project wraps up — and invite everyone to tidy up their offices or desks, as well as common areas. Encourage participation by making it a social event. For example, invite coworkers to purge the random trade show giveaways that have piled up on their desks by either trading them with each other or tossing them into a recycle or waste bin.

Do you have piles of paper documents that could be digitized, or outdated marketing materials that need to be recycled? Fire up the scanner, bring out the recycle bins and invite everyone to a mass cleanup.

2. Add Shelves or Cabinets

Some areas of the office get messier than others, like the office breakroom, kitchen or copier areas. Could some small shelves help you store printer paper and make it easier to reload when stocks run low? Maybe a closed-door cabinet could eliminate the eyesore of piled-up ink cartridges. Take a look at available nooks and crannies, get measurements for their dimensions, and ask your furniture vendor about specific options that might fit.

3. Create a Supply Closet Strategy

Supply closets are your strategic organizational ground zero. How easy is it for you to go in and quickly locate a specific type of notebook, printer ink or backup device?

Take the time to rethink how your supplies are organized. Invest in shelves and dividers that allow you to separate items. Baskets, bins and labels can also make it easy to create a highly organized closet that everyone can navigate with no confusion.

4. Develop Desk Organization Kits for Employees

Offering an optional desk organizer kit is a fun way to get coworkers to tame the messes on their desks. These might include:

  • A bookcase or open-air shelf for storing books, binders and other large items.
  • A lockbox or filing cabinet to secure sensitive devices and paperwork.
  • A caddy for organizing pens, paper clips, sticky notes and other small essentials.
  • Digital photo frames to brighten up the newly tidy space.
  • Storage devices that make it easier to store and transport digital files safely.

Having a tidy, clutter-free workplace can help you get the new year off to a great start. Spearheading office organization efforts can help your coworkers do their jobs more effectively — and it might make them happier at work, too.