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Looking to inspire collaboration in your office or workplace? Learn new tips and tools for making the most of your office community.


How to Write a Professional Email

Your ability to write a concise and professional email can make or break business relationships. Make sure your skills are up to snuff by reviewing the tips in this helpful email-writing guide!

Virtual Meeting Annoyances and How to Stop Them

Staples conducted a survey to learn about virtual meeting etiquette and which behaviors are the most annoying. Read on to find out how to avoid these issues!

Communicating Your Boundaries for Better Productivity

Communication experts share how to maintain your productivity and relationships when working remotely.

How to Manage Your Team During Transitional Times

Learn how managers and employees can communicate and collaborate effectively with a dispersed workforce.

5 Mistakes That Hinder Long-Distance Collaboration

Avoiding these errors will help your far-flung team work in sync.