5 Benefits of Bubble Wrap

Celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day with these 5 big benefits of bubble wrap!

It's our second year celebrating Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day—but who are we kidding? Every now and then, we open a package and celebrate the joy of bubble wrap several times throughout the year. And why not? We learned last year that it has a lot of well-kept secrets to celebrate! This year, we thought we'd "pop by" with 5 big benefits of this bubbly shipping and storage supply.

It keeps your customers happy – Ahhh, the enjoyable anticipation of waiting for a package. Is there anything like it? But that enjoyment and fulfillment can be wiped out in a split second when you open your package and discover its contents disheveled or damaged. If you're in charge of sending products to customers, you want to make sure that everything stays safe and sound from shipment to receipt and opening—and that means picking the right void fill, including bubble wrap.

It protects your bottom line – Wait, bubble wrap cushions your bottom line AND your packages? Sure it does. That disgruntled customer from our previous example will likely require a replacement, and replacing damaged shipments chips away at your profit. Same for if you're securing items in storage—anything you can keep intact and avoid replacing is a cost saved. And speaking of costs saved…

It saves on shipping – This one's tricky. But part of securing your products AND your shipping budget is all about picking the right void fill. A bigger box with more packaging can seem like the smart and attractive option, but that can put your packages at risk and will end up increasing your shipping costs. The properly sized box and the right bubble wrap (or, to be fair, other void fill) combine to create the safest option for the best value.   

It suits your shipment – Last year when we took a look at the surprisingly multifaceted world of bubble wrap, our readers were surprised to see how versatile it was. Shipping edibles? There's a bubble wrap for that. Sending something REALLY big or REALLY small? There's a bubble wrap for that. How about electronics? There's even a bubble wrap for that. Saying "bubble wrap" might call to mind a common, shared image for most people, but the reality is that bubble wrap has many faces, and all of them are very useful in specific situations.

It relieves stress – Okay, okay. We knew you were waiting for this one. But what other packaging implement brings so much fun with it? Sure, the box your package came in is a lot of fun for your cat, but there's something supremely satisfying about sneaking that scrap of bubble wrap from your recently opened package and giving it a little squeeze. But if you're worried about waste (and we're big on going green), you're still in luck: there are even virtual bubble wrap websites and smartphone apps to help you get that popping fix.

So if you get a quick second today, take a look at the things in your office that took a little TLC in the shipping and handling and say "thanks" for the bubble wrap that got them to you safely.