How Robotics is Streamlining the Staples Supply Chain

Watch the video to learn how Staples is leveraging robotics within its supply chain to streamline customer deliveries.


It started with a simple question: What can Staples do within its supply chain to enhance customer experience?

To guarantee exceptional service for the future, we chose to build a new system from the ground up. And we needed a fulfilment system that would be customizable for Staples.

So we created it. Our patented robotics software streamlines each order to better meet customer expectations and warehouse needs. The process is so simple our workers can learn it in as little as 10 minutes. Once a customer order is received our software determines the best way to get the order through the system – a partnership of the robotics and workers. One automated system walks with the employee carrying the shipping cartons for high pick items. While another system has the worker stay in one place with automated carts bringing the cartons to a centralized area. These automated systems handle the manual work while workers review every customer order for quality assurance. Once the orders are complete, they’re carried to shipping area.

Fast and on time, every time. This patented Staples technology, combined with our exceptional warehouse team, is the future of logistics meeting our customer’s needs now and for the future. This is the new Staples supply chain, and this is just the beginning.