Desk with supplies

Admin Emergency Kit

Do you have these must-haves on hand for office emergencies?

We, as humans, have a fascination for having just the right thing at just the right time. An empire of infomercials is built off this fascination, and in movies and television shows, we give our heroes (and superheroes) the uncanny ability to have just the right tool for any job, whether it's the latest gadget Q gave to Bond or one more item from Batman's utility belt. But in real life—and in the office—when we need someone who has just the right thing at just the right time, it's the office manager or admin we turn to, asking him or her to save the day. So what are some of the items that admins are often asked for? We've included a few below, as well as the items that real-life admins say come in handy for unexpected uses.

Admin Emergency Kit Notepad

The Professional – These items are the expected, the things that are necessary in a pinch and that every admin has a stash of. These get the job done, literally and figuratively.

  • Sticky notes – Useful for everything from memos and reminders to cleaning out keyboards
  • Spare pens – You know someone's going to come to the meeting without one
  • Tape – Clear, packing, duct and masking, there's always a use for any or all of the above
  • USB drives – Stopping office email crashes one huge file at a time


The Personal – It doesn't matter how many times the admin reminds the office, "I'M NOT YOUR MOM OR DAD!", they're still expected to solve the personal problems that arise during the workday.

  • First aid kit/ibuprofen – Solving the office's headaches before they become yours
  • Hand sanitizer – Fighting the office plague one bottle at a time
  • Universal charger – Somewhere, someone's phone is on its last legs
  • Safety pins – Wardrobe malfunctions: fine for pop stars, not as fine for professionals
  • Stain eraser – Erasing the last, accidental vestiges of Mike's chicken parm lunch

Admin Emergency Kit Items

The (Unexpectedly) Practical – Each of these items is useful in its own right, but it's the "office hack" uses that we love. Here are just a few fun ones shared by our customers' office managers and admins!  

  • Black permanent marker – Scuffed shoes before the big meeting? Time to start coloring
  • Binder clips – Organize cords and create phone stands with these handy clips
  • Paper clips – No safety pins, no hairpins, no problem. Just bend your way to a solution
  • Hairspray – Not just good for a windy day, this sticky solution removes ink stains from clothes and permanent marker from office surfaces
  • Lip balm – Sure, the office air is dry, but did you know this soothing stick can also ease papercut pain and cover light scratches on wooden desks?
  • Super glue – Broken desk? No problem. Broken nail? No problem. A few of our admins even said they use this for minor cuts! Youch! 

So what's a must-have in case of emergencies both professional and personal? And stay tuned—next week, we'll talk about what every admin needs to have the ultimate admin workspace.