The Natural Side of Productivity

Trying to be more productive? Ask Mother Nature for a boost.

From the mailroom to the C-level offices, everyone is looking for a way to get the most productivity out of the workday. Office hacks and shortcuts have risen in popularity, and productivity studies are published and consumed in bulk. Luckily, Mother Nature has given you a few easy ways to boost productivity that you might never have considered.

Fresh air – Spring fever makes fidgeters of us all, from school kids all the way up to seasonsed professionals. But there's a good reason to open up a window or spend a few minutes outside—according to the World Green Building Council (WGBC), air quality can actually contribute to as much as an 11% boost in productivity.

Natural light – As it turns out, a corner office might be more than just vanity. Again according to the WGBC, natural light during the day can impact how much sleep we get at night, in turn impacting how we function in the daytime. Obviously, not everyone can have a corner office, but office design utilizing natural light and outdoor break areas can yield big benefits.

Comfortable temperature – In a war over the thermostat? Step outside to cool down or warm up. This one's more than fodder for yet another watercooler argument—temperature discomfort in the office can also impact how well you work, regardless of which side of the thermostat you're on.

Room to roam – As we've discussed in several earlier blogs, taking a walk during the day can do a lot of good, from breaking up the sedentary patterns of the workday to tangibly improving productivity. There's no better time than springtime to take advantage of wide open spaces—even if those wide open spaces are parking lots or parking garages.